How to manually add your vaccination certificate to Apple Wallet for easy access

How to manually add your vaccination certificate to Apple Wallet for easy access

In the times of COVID19, every little trick that makes navigating the pandemic a tad easier matters a lot. Unlocking our Face ID iPhones through Apple Watch, when masked for example, is a handy addition that Apple has recently added. But now we’ve reached a point where a lot of places, including cinemas and pubs, ask for proof of vaccination in the form of a vaccination certificate when entering their premises. If you don’t have a vaccination proof on your person, you’re likely not getting an easy entry. That is when most people will scramble and dig through their files to find the PDF/screenshot of the vaccination QR code. But a more convenient alternative for iPhone users would be to add the vaccination certificate to Apple Wallet.


However, adding vaccination certificates to Apple Wallet is only officially supported in very few regions. And digging through files every single time a proof needs to be displayed becomes very cumbersome very fast, especially when you consider that more and more places will need a proof. There definitely needs to be an easier way.

I have known about Apple Wallet’s double side-button-click shortcut (on the iPhone and Apple Watch) for a while now. So I was determined to find a way to add my vaccination certificate to the digital vault. First, I searched the App Store to find an app that creates custom Apple Wallet cards. After trying a few, I ended up settling for Wallet Creator. It’s a free, simple app made for this particular purpose.

How to add a custom Apple Wallet card to store your vaccination certificate

Here are the steps you need to follow within the Wallet Creator app:

  • Upon launching the app, you’ll be greeted by a blank screen with a plus button positioned on its top right. Once you click it, you’ll have to fill in the info of your new card, which is a straightforward process.
  • You will additionally need to click on the plus button in the middle of the card creation interface. Hit “Barcode” from the pop-up menu to scan your certificate’s QR code afterward.
  • After it’s scanned, you’re ready to go! Click on the tick on the top left of the screen, and an “Add to Apple Wallet” button will show up.
  • Once you add it to your Apple Wallet, you may delete the Wallet Creator app. The actual card will safely remain stored in your Wallet anyway. It will automatically be synced and added to your Apple Watch as well.

Whenever you’re requested to show your proof of vaccination, you’re a double side-click away from entering your favorite spot. I find this particularly helpful when carrying bags while entering a mall. I just flick my wrist to get through! The security guard scans it off my Apple Watch, and I effortlessly go in without needing to reach for my pockets.

Worn Apple Watch displaying vaccination QR code

In case the double side-click gesture isn’t working, you can enable it on your iPhone through Settings app > Wallet & Apple Pay > Double-Click Side Button. Note that this function may not be available in some regions, specifically in regions where Apple Pay is not officially supported.

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