How to pair Amazon Echo speakers and Echo Sub to a Fire TV for home cinema

How to pair Amazon Echo speakers and Echo Sub to a Fire TV for home cinema

The Amazon Echo family comprises some of the best smart speakers you can get, but they’re not limited to working just on their own. Not only can you pair up two of them in a stereo pair, add an Echo Sub, or create multi-room setups, but you can also power a home cinema experience.

Much like Apple with the Apple TV and the HomePod speakers, Amazon has a system that allows you to hook up a Fire TV device wirelessly to an Echo, a pair of Echos, or even include an Echo Sub as well if you have one.

With even the cheapest Fire TV Stick and a couple of Echo Dots, you can have a superior audio experience compared to just your TV speakers. Here’s how you set it all up.


Compatible devices

Amazon Echo Dot

There’s a bit of a mix when it comes to which Fire TV devices will work with which Amazon Echo smart speakers. The good news on the Echo front is that unless you’re using the first-generation Echo or the first two generations of Echo Dot then you’re probably OK.

It does vary, though, and Amazon has a comprehensive chart showing exactly what works with what, including Fire TV televisions.

For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to use a Fire TV Stick Lite and a stereo pair made up of the Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Gen.

How to pair Amazon Echo speakers to a Fire TV

There are a couple of pre-requisites to get out of the way first. Firstly, it’s a good idea to ensure your devices are updated to the latest software. You’ll also need to ensure they’re both on the same wireless network.

Once you’re happy, grab your phone and open up the Alexa app, following these steps.

Amazon Fire TV home cinema settings

  1. Open Devices.
  2. Select + in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Combine Speakers.
  4. Select Home Theater.
  5. Select your Fire TV device.
  6. Select up to two Echo devices to use as speakers, along with an Echo Sub if you have one.
  7. Select left and right speakers when prompted if you don’t already have a stereo pair created.
  8. Name the group and assign it to a room. The speaker group should be in the same room as your Fire TV.
  9. Follow the directions on your TV to finish the process.

Once complete, you have the opportunity to go straight into the settings on the Fire TV to tweak the audio. If you play games on your Fire TV, there’s a dedicated gaming mode that is worth turning on, because it will send the audio back to your TV speakers for reduced latency. You also get the chance to view a demo clip to check everything is working properly.

Fire TV audio sync

If you have issues with the audio being out of sync with the video you can also fix that in this same settings menu.

This is a really simple process and is one of the most affordable ways you can give your TV audio a little extra kick. With Prime Day on the horizon, too, you’ll be able to snag a Fire TV Stick and a pair of Echo Dots for about the same money as a single Apple HomePod.

And the beauty is that the process is just as simple irrespective of which Echo speakers you’re using. If you want to go really crazy, grabbing an Echo Sub and a pair of Echo Studios will deliver something pretty special.

    The Echo Dot is a slimmed down Echo in almost every way, packing Alexa's power and decent quality sound into a tiny form factor.
    Setting the bar for affordable TV sticks for some time, Amazon's latest integrates Alexa into the remote and can be powered directly from your TVs USB port.

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