Can I pair my earphones with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series? How to do it?

Can I pair my earphones with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series? How to do it?

The new Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are fantastic smartwatches that can do a lot more than just show your notifications and track your steps. From advanced sleep monitoring and body composition analysis to post-workout recovery tracking and blood pressure monitoring, the Galaxy Watch 5 can do it all. Being a Wear OS-powered smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 enjoys a rich app ecosystem that includes everything from Google’s first-party apps like Google Maps and Gboard to music streaming apps such as Spotify and YouTube Music. But can you listen to music with your earphones on the Galaxy Watch 5? What if you want to listen to music on your Galaxy Watch 5 with your earphones?


The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro both support Bluetooth, which isn’t restricted to just syncing data with your smartphone. You can also pair your wireless earbuds or headphones and listen to music. That means runners and fitness enthusiasts can choose not to carry their phones when going out and can just use their Galaxy Watch 5 as the music source. You can pair your Bluetooth earphones with your Galaxy Watch 5 in a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it.

How to pair your earphones to the Galaxy Watch 5

  • On your Galaxy Watch 5, swipe up from the bottom to open the app drawer.

App drawer on Galaxy Watch 4

  • Open the Settings app and then click on Connections

Galaxy Watch 5 Settings app

  • Click on Bluetooth. Make sure it’s turned on.

Bluetooth settings on Galaxy Watch 5

  • Now, take your Bluetooth earphones and put them into pairing mode. This usually requires long-pressing a button on your headphones (or, in the case of TWS,  putting your earbuds in the charging case and then holding the pairing button. Make sure to disconnect/unpair them from the previous device.
  • Once your earphones are in pairing mode, open Bluetooth settings on your Galaxy Watch 5 and tap Scan.

Galaxy Watch 5 searching for bluetooth devices

  • You should see your earphones under Available devices shortly.

Galaxy Watch 5 searching for bluetooth devices

  • Tap to pair the earphones with your Galaxy Watch 5.
  • Make sure Call and Audio toggles are turned on.
    The Galaxy Watch 5 is a fantastic Wear OS smartwatch with advanced wellness features.
    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and offers a more durable design.

That’s it. You can now use your smartwatch as the audio source and listen to your favorite music from Spotify, YouTube Music, or other streaming apps without disturbing anyone around you. You can also download tracks on your Galaxy Watch 5, so you can listen to music offline without requiring a constant internet connection from your phone or Wi-Fi. The watch packs 16GB of internal storage, which is enough to store thousands of tracks. Do keep in mind that this will consume more battery than not using your Watch as your music source. But for some use cases, charging the watch would be worth the convenience of leaving your phone behind on a run.

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