Can I print with a Chromebook?

Can I print with a Chromebook?

If you recently switched to a Chromebook from a Mac or PC, you might be wondering about some basic tasks on your new device. Perhaps you’re even looking to use a popular docking station to turn your Chromebook into a productivity device? Printing is an incredibly important task, whether for school, work, or personal reasons. It’s incredibly simple to set up a printer and print a document in Chrome OS.

Print via USB cable

The most direct option for printing on a Chromebook is to connect a printer using a USB cable. When you use a cable, a notification appears. Follow any on-screen instructions. If you choose to connect to your printer using a cable, there’s no need to connect to WiFi. Once connected, simply press Ctrl+p to print the page, document, or image on your screen. Next, select the down arrow from the “Destination” menu and choose See more. Find your printer in the list and select Print to complete the process.

setting up a printer on chromebook

Print wirelessly

Be sure to verify that your printer is powered on. Connect your printer to the desired wireless network. If you need help connecting your printer to the WiFi, consult the instruction manuals included with the printer. Sign into your Chromebook and connect to the same wireless network as the printer. Once the printer and Chromebook are on the same network, you can print a page following the same instructions listed above for USB connection.

Save a printer to your Chromebook

adding a printer to your Chromebook

It’s also incredibly easy to save a printer to your Chromebook for future use. In the bottom right corner of your Chromebook, select the time. Select the Settings icon, and click Advanced. Next, choose Print and Scan and select Printers. Find your desired printer and select the Save option. Now your printer is saved to your Chromebook for the next time you need to print.
Printing on your Chromebook is just as easy as you’d expect. If you’ve recently moved from another platform, you won’t have any trouble setting up or saving a printer on any of the top Chromebooks on the market. These steps are also identical if you happen to run Chrome OS on a tablet or other non-Chromebook device.

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