Beyond a Screen Recorder – HitPaw Screen Recorder is an All-in-one Screen Recorder & Streaming Software

Beyond a Screen Recorder – HitPaw Screen Recorder is an All-in-one Screen Recorder & Streaming Software

Video streaming is being used more than ever as people are working from home, exploring new hobbies, and doing video calls with friends and family. Whether you’re a professional streamer or someone who uses video calls frequently in your work, having software that can manage all of your streaming needs is essential. With HitPaw, you can manage high-quality streams with custom graphics, effects, transitions, and more. Use HitPaw for basic features like screen recording and presentations, or use it to its full potential to record, stream, and share media from your computer.

Livestream to YouTube, Twitch, and Other Platforms

HitPaw Screen Recorder makes it easy to jump into the world of streaming, with the ability to stream to all of the major streaming platforms. Use their robust software to pull video content from multiple different sources, to create your stream. You can create content just like some of the most popular streamers, while you broadcast your screen, show video clips from local files, and show your webcam all at once. The learning curve for this software is very low, and you’ll have your stream environment set up in no time.


Simple and Reliable Screen Recorder

If you’re looking to make non-live content, use the HitPaw Screen Recorder to capture game footage, media, or anything that is displaying on your computer screen. Save and share these high-quality screen capture files to your preferred social media, or use them to edit more professional content. You can even take previously recorded screen captures and stream that footage live to your social platforms, all using the same software.

Capturing live meetings can be a great way to make sure you don’t miss any important points. Record online meetings from any platform and play them back later. Videos can be screen recorded, even when the platform does not support downloading the video that you’d like to save. Use HitPaw to screen record a TikTok, even if the share feature is disabled.

Make your Online Lectures More Professional

Use high-quality transitions, graphics, and media features to make your online lectures more captivating. You can set up your streaming environment to reflect a professional and focused presentation. Features like drawing and highlighting make it simple to direct a viewer’s attention to specific data. This is an effective way to present yourself in a way that adds more value to your lecture.

Use HitPaw as a Virtual Camera for Video Calls

Even if you just enjoy casual video calls on services like Discord, Zoom, or Skype, you can use HitPaw as a virtual camera. This means that you’ll be able to select the software as a camera source, giving you full access to all of the features of the software, in a video call. Play local media, share your screen, or apply effects to your video when you’re on a call with friends.

By having the screen recorder, streaming, and virtual camera features all in one piece of software, you can avoid downloading multiple different solutions for each situation. HitPaw is a fantastic all-in-one experience for all of your streaming media needs.

Do More with the Best Screen Recorder and Streaming Software

The benefits of using HitPaw are extensive, as the software is packed with useful features. Take full advantage of the following abilities:

  • Record screen and audio simultaneously
  • Record webcam only or record webcam with screen
  • Record iPhone/iPad screen from a computer
  • Draw and highlight things on a video during a recording
  • Capture screenshots from any browser or software
  • Go live on multiple platforms at the same time
  • Record and live stream simultaneously

So if you use streaming media in any capacity, or if you’re just looking for a great screen recorder, we highly recommend HitPaw. Record or go live, it’s up to you.

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