How to reserve your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and save more with extra trade-in value

How to reserve your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and save more with extra trade-in value

Samsung is holding its Unpacked event on August 11 to launch some of the most anticipated devices of 2021 – The Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4, and the Galaxy Buds 2. This is going to be a very important launch for Samsung since both foldables are expected to bring much-needed improvements from their predecessors and Samsung is going to try and reach a larger demographic with these ultra-premium phones. The Galaxy Watch 4, being the first smartwatch to run the latest version of WearOS is also going to attract a lot of eyeballs. And of course, the Buds 2 presents more options for the lucrative hearables market.


If you’ve been eyeing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and are planning to pick one up after launch, it’s a good idea to reserve a unit for yourself through Samsung’s website to enjoy some additional benefits. You don’t have to pay any additional fee to reserve a unit and you get some pretty cool perks so it’s a win-win. If you plan on owning the latest foldable in town, here’s how you can reserve your Galaxy Z Fold 3 prior to launch.

How to Reserve your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Reserving a Galaxy Z Fold 3 for yourself is pretty straightforward. Head over to Samsung’s reservation page and fill out the details in the reservation form. It’s just basic info and you don’t have to make any payment upfront. However, note that the reservation program is currently only available in the US.

Reserve your next foldable by following this link

Z Fold 3 Reservation page

Once you fill out the details and submit the form, you’re pretty much done. You will receive an email or notification to complete your pre-order of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 along with the option to claim your exclusive offers. You can also select what device(s) you want to trade-in (if you’re planning to do that) from this screen. Your preferred mode of payment can also be selected from here.

Benefits of Reserving your Galaxy Z Fold 3

Z Fold 3 Reserved message

Samsung is offering some sweet perks to those reserving a Galaxy Z Fold 3 prior to launch. There are three main benefits to reserving a unit for yourself which can help you save some money. This is surely helpful since the Z Fold 3 isn’t going to be cheap by any means. Here are some of the offers that Samsung has for you if you’ve pre-booked the phone –

  • Extra trade-in value: Samsung claims to offer the highest online trade-in value with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 along with extra $100 credit. You’ll also be given an option to trade in two devices instead of just one to bring down the price further.

trade-in devices

  • 12 months of Samsung Care+ for free: Samsung Care+ offers coverage for hardware damages to your phone, something that’s not included in the standard warranty. If you break your display or water-damage your phone, you’ll have to pay considerably lesser for a repair if you have Samsung Care+. It’s generally $155 per year but Samsung is going to bundle it in for free.
  • An extra, special offer: Samsung doesn’t really specify what this is but we’re assuming that you might get additional discounts on the Galaxy Watch 4 and/or the Galaxy Buds 2 if you purchase those along with the phone.

Apart from these offers, reserving a unit means that you’ll be one of the first in line to receive the Galaxy Z Fold 3 whenever it goes up on sale. You won’t have to worry about stocks running out or the availability of the device near you.

Are you excited about the Galaxy Z Fold 3? And if you’re planning to get one, have you reserved it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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