How to restore your bricked Apple Watch using your iPhone

How to restore your bricked Apple Watch using your iPhone

Apple has finally released iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5 to the public — following weeks of beta testing. These major updates bring plenty of new features and improvements, such as the Unicode 14.0 emoji. Notably, though, they allow Apple Watch users to restore their bricked devices with just an iPhone. Prior to this change, users had to go to an Apple repair center to get their watches fixed. This was particularly problematic to users in regions with no authorized service providers. They would have to mail their watches to a different country or simply bin them. Now, Apple has made it very simple to recover a dead watch wirelessly. Here are the steps you need to follow to restore your Apple Watch with your iPhone.


Restore Apple Watch with iPhone

Restore Apple Watch with iPhone

An Apple Watch can get bricked if a software update is interrupted or fails. You will either see a red exclamation mark on its screen, or a graphic showing an iPhone next to an Apple Watch. If you see either of the the screens on your watch do the following:

  • Ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 15.4 or later. Your watch must be running watchOS 8.5 or later as well. If you don’t meet one of these conditions, then the process won’t work.
  • Unlock your iPhone, turn on Bluetooth, and connect to a Wi-Fi network — preferably a 2.4GHz one, as sometimes this doesn’t work on 5GHz ones.
  • Place your watch on its wireless charger.
  • Double click the Side Button of your Apple Watch.
  • A pop-up will appear on your iPhone prompting you to recover the Apple Watch. Tap on Continue, and wait for the process to complete after you go through the prompts.
  • If you’ve met all of the conditions and this prompt doesn’t pop up on your iPhone, then you will need to contact Apple Support and potentially send it to an authorized service provider for repairs. While this hassle-free process is very useful, the company states that it sometimes doesn’t work.

To avoid bricking your Apple Watch, always leave it on its charger when it’s updating its operating system and don’t click any of its buttons until the software update completes.

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