How to Root your Samsung Moment

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The Samsung Moment community is certainly not as massive as the other communities in our forums. But I am sure many people have been looking for a rooting method, well this is it. This method was discovered by one of our members called zikronix, and is now available for everyone to use.

Originally posted by zikronix

  1. Partition your SD Card to have first partition as fat16 and second ext3 [this tutorial assumes you have this setup exactly as stated]
  2. Boot in Test Mode with Call+Center+Power
  3. copy root into your tools directory of the sdk
  4. adb push root /system
  5. adb shell chmod 0755 /system/root
  6. adb shell /system/root
  7. unplug usb, remove battery, reboot into test mode when instructed
  8. adb shell
  9. /system/bin/btld_testmode
  10. /system/root

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