How to set up the OnePlus 10 Pro

How to set up the OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is the latest flagship from OnePlus, and it is bound to receive a lot of attention all through the year. While the phone may not be a big upgrade over its predecessor the OnePlus 9 Pro, it is a good flagship by itself, one that makes sense thanks to its lower pricing and better value deals. If you’ve bought yourself a OnePlus 10 Pro and need some help getting past the setup process, here’s how you set up the OnePlus 10 Pro for use in your region.

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Setting up the OnePlus 10 Pro after the first boot

After you unbox your new OnePlus 10 Pro, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. This will power up the phone and land you on the startup screen for OxygenOS, which likely will be OxygenOS 12 on the first boot:


Screenshot from OnePlus 10 Pro - Setup startup screen

  • Choose your language on this screen. This is often set based on the region you purchased the phone from, but you can change it if it is incorrectly set.
  • You can also access some accessibility settings under the Vision settings button.
  • Once done, hit the Start button.

Screenshot from OnePlus 10 Pro - Setup T&C screen

  • Before you get to use the phone, you need to accept OnePlus’s EULA and Privacy Policy. If you hit disagree, you cannot proceed. So read up and agree with the same.
  • You need to now connect your device to the Internet.
  • The phone prompts you to insert a nano-SIM card if you haven’t already. Note that the phone does not support eSIMs. You can use the phone without a SIM card, so click Skip if you want to do so. We recommend using a SIM card that has some data allowance as the first setup does not let you toggle data off on the SIM card. You can always add a SIM card later on.
  • You’ll then land on the WiFi connection screen. Select the WiFi that you want to connect to. You can skip this step too: the device will fall back onto your SIM for data; or if you have not inserted a SIM card, then you will be setting up your device offline, skipping out some crucial account restoration steps. We advise using whichever has the more generous data limit of the two (usually is WiFi).

Screenshot from OnePlus 10 Pro - Setup update check screen

  • The phone will check for updates. If you buy the phone later on in its lifecycle, some crucial updates may be applied at this stage.
  • Next is the Restore process. Google offers a few options for restoring as included in its GMS kit, which the OnePlus 10 Pro packs in regions outside of China.
  • It is very likely that you have an older device (Android or iPhone) that you are upgrading from. You can either connect the device through a cable or wirelessly.
  • For older Android phones, you need to open the Google app on that device and type “set up my device” in the search box. Verify the phone name on the new OnePlus 10 Pro, and proceed forward.
  • For iPhones, Google will prompt you to open Safari and go to, which has further instructions. At the time of writing, these instructions include installing Google Drive onto iOS, backing up your content through the app, turning off iMessage, and then moving on to the next steps by signing into your Google account on the new Android device (the OnePlus 10 Pro in this case).
  • If you’ve restored from an older phone, you’ll likely end up at this account sign-in screen. Google will likely offer you to verify yourself for its 2-step verification process.
  • You then need to review the Google Terms of Service, the Google Play Terms of Service, and the Google Privacy Policy. These are needed to let you access the Google Play Store and your Google account on this Android device.
  • You can optionally disable some other settings. We’d recommend keeping back up to Google Drive switched on, while the usage and diagnostic data setting will not impact your user experience either way.

Screenshot from OnePlus 10 Pro - Setup continue screen

  • At this point, you can begin using most functions of your phone. If you need to make use of your device urgently, you can leave and get a reminder to continue some optional setting up later on.
  • Continuing on, you get the option to set up easier Google Assistant triggering on the device. You can choose to set it up with voice detection and voice matching, and even let Assistant work without needing to unlock your device. All of these are optional.
  • Moving past, you can add change some further settings. You can add more Google accounts if needed, change the wallpaper, and review additional apps that you can install. These additional apps are recommended by OnePlus across regions. By default, they are ticked to install on the device, but you can skip out if you don’t use those apps.
  • Next, you will be prompted whether you want to participate in the Co-Creation Labs programs. Accepting this will let OnePlus send you push notifications and receive bug reports from your device.
  • You will also be prompted on whether you want to join the Red Cable Club, in supported regions. For users in India, the benefits often include an additional year of warranty, so this membership is worth exploring.
  • Next, we move on to setting up security on the device. We recommend using the optical fingerprint scanner for unlocking your device, coupled with a numeric or alphanumeric password for backup. The phone will guide you in setting all of this up. The process for enrolling your fingerprint shouldn’t take too long since the OnePlus 10 Pro has a very good fingerprint sensor and it is also positioned at a good enough height (unlike that on the OnePlus 9 Pro).
  • OxygenOS will then prompt you to choose between Roboto and OnePlus Sans as your font of choice, and let you select between a few size settings for the Font and other Display elements.
  • You can also choose your Navigation style on the next screen. You can either choose edge-based gestures or use the on-screen navigation buttons. While the gestures can’t be modified, OnePlus does offer you two positioning layouts for the on-screen buttons.

Screenshot from OnePlus 10 Pro - Setup complete screen

  • And that’s largely it! You’ve successfully set up your OnePlus 10 Pro!
  • Your device will continue to download and restore some apps in the background, and also apply any pending software updates. But either way, you can begin using your device.

Congratulations on your new device! For further steps, you can check out some of the best cases for the OnePlus 10 Pro, and you can also visit our OnePlus 10 Pro XDA Forums to check out what the community is up to. You can also check out some recommended tweaks that will make your OnePlus 10 Pro experience better. Enjoy your new flagship!

    The OnePlus 10 Pro is the latest and greatest flagship smartphone from OnePlus, and packs some of the best performing hardware into one package. It's got a great chipset, good camera, and super fast charging all inside of a unique design.

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