XDA Basics: How to turn off iMessage on a Mac

XDA Basics: How to turn off iMessage on a Mac

Apple is famous for its well-integrated ecosystem across its devices and services. That’s usually a good thing because all of your data continuously syncs to all of your connected devices, as you would expect them to. However, some of us don’t want iMessages arriving to their work MacBooks and disturbing them during productivity hours. So below are the steps you have to follow to turn off iMessage on a Mac.

How to turn off iMessage on a Mac:

  • Head to the Messages app through the Launcher or Spotlight Search.
  • In the menubar, click on Messages.

turn off macOS iMessage on a Mac 1

  • Click on Preferences under Messages.

turn off macOS iMessage on a Mac 2

  • Click on the iMessage section in the middle of the Preferences tab.

turn off macOS iMessage on a Mac 3

  • Hit Sign Out in the top right corner, as shown in the screenshot above.

turn off macOS iMessage on a Mac 4

  • Confirm that you want to Sign Out.

That’s it! Once signed out, as the alert states, you will no longer receive iMessages on your Mac. This will help you avoid distractions on your work machine. If you change your mind, you can always enable iMessage again by following the same steps mentioned above.

If you’re only singing out to avoid receiving distracting notifications during work hours, you might want to consider using Focus — a new macOS 12 Monterey feature. This new addition to Macs and other Apple devices takes the existent Do Not Disturb (DND) system to the next level. It allows you to whitelist apps and create multiple profiles/modes that match each of your routines. It’s worth mentioning that it also syncs across your connected Apple devices.

So when you start working, even if you toggle Work Focus from your iPhone, it will also get automatically enabled on your MacBook Pro, for example. If you’re unsure how to use this feature, we have prepared for you a detailed guide on how to use Focus on iOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey. And don’t forget to keep your MacBook Pro protected by buying a case for it.

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