How to update an Amazon Echo or Echo Show

How to update an Amazon Echo or Echo Show

Everything needs updating from time to time. Be that your phone or tablet, laptop or smartwatch, TV or smart speaker. Everything with smart features will likely need semi-regular software updates that add features or iron out bugs. In the case of the Amazon Echo, knowing if you have the latest updates or even triggering them to install can be a little confusing. After all, it hasn’t got a screen.

Fortunately, it’s not too tricky a process. Whether you’re using an Amazon Echo smart speaker or an Echo Show device with a display, the process takes only a few seconds to carry out.


How to update an Amazon Echo smart speaker

The Amazon Echo has no display and as such the process of updating it isn’t immediately obvious. Periodically, your Echo should check for updates of its own accord and action any new ones without your input. But the key word is should, and you can’t completely rely on it happening.

So, it’s a good idea to check yourself. And the process couldn’t be simpler. Within earshot of your Amazon Echo use the following voice command:

  • Alexa, check for software updates.

That’s all there is to it. There’s no need to grab your phone and open the Alexa app, ask your speaker. If there is a software update to install it will now handle that in the background without any further input.

How to update an Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot

The update process will feel a little more familiar to anyone using an Echo Show or the older Echo Spot. Simply by having a display you have easier access to the device settings, including checking for updates.

1. Swipe down on the display.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Device Options.
4. Select Check for Software Updates.

Just as you would see on your phone, the device will now check for updates. If there’s one to install it will download and apply it automatically without any further input from you.

Whichever Amazon Echo you use in your home, ensuring it has the latest updates is a straightforward process.

    The Echo Dot is a slimmed down Echo in almost every way, packing Alexa's power and decent quality sound into a tiny form factor.

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