How to use the 24-hour time lapse feature on Samsung Galaxy phones with One UI 4.1 and above

How to use the 24-hour time lapse feature on Samsung Galaxy phones with One UI 4.1 and above

Samsung’s One UI is inarguably one of the most feature-rich Android skins on the market. It packs a boatload of extras that you don’t get on Android skins from other OEMs, and Samsung keeps adding even more features with each major update. However, due to the sheer number of features Samsung adds to One UI with each successive update, some of the features fly under the radar. The 24-hour time lapse feature in the Gallery app on One UI 4.1 is a case in point.

With the Galaxy S22 series launch, Samsung rolled out the One UI 4.1 update. It brought several new features, including an enhanced S Pen and Samsung Notes experience, Director’s view in the Camera app, an improved photo and video editor, and the aforementioned 24-hour time-lapse feature, among others. The latter is one of the coolest additions in One UI 4.1, but it often goes unnoticed as it doesn’t have a dedicated option in the Gallery settings and its toggle only pops up on select images.


If you’re wondering how you can make 24-hour time lapse clips on your Galaxy phone running One UI 4.1, you’ve come to the right place. Follow the steps provided below to create some amazing time lapse clips like these using the 24-hour time lapse feature.

How to use One UI’s 24-hour time lapse feature

The 24-hour time lapse feature in One UI 4.1 uses AI to recognize skies or sunsets in your photos automatically. When it successfully recognizes skies or sunsets in a photo, it presents a button that lets you create a time lapse clip of the scene with just one tap. Here’s how it works.

  • Open the Gallery app on your Samsung device running One UI 4.1.
    Screenshot of Gallery app in Samsung One UI.
  • Navigate to a photo in which the sky takes up a significant part of the frame. If the AI is able to recognize the sky in the image, you should see a clock icon pop up in the bottom-right corner.
    Screenshot of an image open in the Gallery app on Samsung One UI with arrow pointing at 24-hour time lapse button.
  • Tap on the button and let the AI work its magic.
    Screenshot of loading icon over image in the Gallery app on Samsung One UI.

Within a few seconds, the feature will deliver a 12-second time lapse clip of the scene, complete with a soothing background score.

Screenshot of 24-hour time lapse UI in the Gallery app on Samsung One UI.

You can tap the save button in the bottom toolbar to save the clip to your gallery or use the share button to share it with friends instantly. If you don’t like the results, you can use the remove button to get rid of the 24-hour time lapse suggestion, and the time lapse toggle will no longer show up on that particular photo.

In my testing, I found that the feature works best in landscape photos with an empty foreground. While the time lapse toggle does show up on some images with a subject in the foreground, the results are slightly inconsistent. At times, the AI does a great job of lighting the subject in accordance with the changing color of the sky. But, more often than not, the resulting clip looks unnatural because of a faint glow that appears around the subject when the sky goes dark. Images captured around sunset, when there’s barely enough light, produce more natural-looking clips than those captured in broad daylight.

It goes without saying that the feature doesn’t actually create time lapse clips. It simply emulates a time lapse by changing the color of the sky and the foreground in stills. Due to this, some of the clips end up looking unnatural. But you can fine-tune it by editing your stills before creating the time lapse. The 24-hour time lapse feature in One UI 4.1 is definitely worth checking out. Now that you know how to use it make sure you give it a go on your Samsung device and share your creations in the comments section below.

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