How to use the Hide My Email feature on iOS 15

How to use the Hide My Email feature on iOS 15

Apple revealed iOS 15 back in June, during its opening WWDC21 keynote. This release was then made available to the public in September, after months of beta testing. One of the new features that it brings is Hide My Email. It’s an exclusive feature for iCloud+ subscribers using the latest Apple OS. Hide My Email allows users to create random aliases that forward mail to their original iCloud email address, allowing you to avoid forwarding your main id for random activities. It’s a great privacy feature that makes avoiding spammy websites and people easier, but it may be a little difficult to find if you didn’t really know if the feature existed or where it exists. So, here’s how to use Hide My Email on iOS 15.


How to use Hide My Email on iOS 15

There are three ways to take advantage of this feature, two available for all iOS 15 users and one only on iOS 15.2 (currently in beta) and later.

Through the Settings app on iOS 15.0 and later

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

using hide my email on iOS 15 1

  • Click on the header with your name on it at the very top.

using hide my email on iOS 15 2

  • Hit iCloud.

using hide my email on iOS 15 3

  • Click on Hide My Email.

using hide my email on iOS 15 4

  • Tap on Create New Address.

using hide my email on iOS 15 5

  • iOS will display a random alias. Click on Continue or go for Choose Different Address if you want another alias.

using hide my email on iOS 15 6

  • Once you click Continue, you have to give it a Label and leave an optional Note.

using hide my email on iOS 15 7

  • You can then choose to which email address added to your Apple ID you want it to forward mail to.

using hide my email on iOS 15 8

And that’s it. You can now share this new email forward, without compromising on your main email.

  • To deactivate it and stop receiving mail through it, you can click on the alias you’ve created and do so there.
  • Then you will have a new section in the Hide My Email options that allows you to reactivate or permanently delete an alias.

Through Apple Keyboard suggestions on iOS 15.0 and later

  • Go to a website to sign up for an account.

using hide my email iOS 15 1

  • When clicking the email text filed, a Hide My Email suggestion should appear on your Apple Keyboard. Click it.

using hide my email iOS 15 2

  • You will be presented with a random alias. If you want another one, hit on the refresh button to its left. Otherwise, click Continue.

using hide my email iOS 15 3

  • Adjust its Label and add it an optional Note.
  • Hit on Use.
  • You can later view and adjust the alias in iCloud settings, as mentioned in the previous section of this tutorial.

Through Apple Mail app on iOS 15.2 and later

  • Launch the Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Create a new email as you would usually do.

Hide my email in mail app iOS 15.2 beta 2

  • Click on the From field and choose Hide My Email.

Hide My Email is also a great way to create several accounts on the same website. It also works as a privacy tool against spammers — humans and websites alike. It’s bundled with iCloud+ — which start at $0.99/month in the US.

Are you subscribed to iCloud+? Let us know in the comments section below.

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