How to use Kustom Live Wallpaper: Continuum

How to use Kustom Live Wallpaper: Continuum

In this video, Marco continues his series of tutorials on how to use Kustom Live Wallpaper. Today we are going over how to load a simple two page setup.

First off, if you haven’t seen the previous KLWP video, check it out here. This video goes over some of the basics of how to use the app.

We are going to be creating this setup called “Continuum” from artist Kohlewrrk.


Step 1: Download KLWP, KWGT and Nova

For this tutorial you will need the paid version of both KLWP and KWGT. You’ll also want to install Nova Launcher if you haven’t already.

Download KLWPDownload KWGTDownload Nova Launcher

Step 2: Nova Launcher Setup

Start with a completely blank homescreen in Nova. Long press on the homescreen and go to settings. Set your desktop grid to be a 7×5 layout. Then make sure your icons do not have any text labels. Make sure your page indicator is set to “none” so you don’t get those little white dots at the bottom of your homescreen. For the dock, make sure it is enabled and your icon size is set to about 150%. Set the height padding to large, just to make sure we have enough room for everything. The last thing you’ll want to do in enable “Swipe to open” in your apps & widget drawers settings.



Step 3: Settings up KLWP

Download the continuum theme here and save it somewhere on your phone.

Long press on the homescreen and select wallpapers>live wallpapers>Kustom. Go to the “Load Preset” option and choose the continuum.klwp file. Select the theme and hit save.


Step 4: Adding Kustom Widget

Download great.kwgt here.

Add a 4×1 Kustom widget to your homescreen and drag it into your dock. Adjust the width so it takes up the entire width of the screen. Now select it to bring up your options. Open the great.kwgt file and save it.


Step 5: Adding Icons

Download the Compacticons icon set here.

Now just drag the icons you want from your app drawer to your homescreen. Press and hold the icons and select icon options>edit. choose your compacticons and pick the appropriate icon from the selection. Do this for each of the icons on your homescreen.


So that’s it. You have now created the continuum setup. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more KLWP video tutorials.

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