How to use Kustom Live Wallpaper: The Basics

How to use Kustom Live Wallpaper: The Basics

Marco is back with a video tutorial for KWLP (Live Wallpaper Maker). This is  a great customization app that can make your phone look incredible. The problem is, it’s not that easy to use. So if you’re new to KLWP, this video will help you get started.


First off, get yourself a good custom launcher. You’ll want this because KLWP works best with black layouts. Nova Launcher is the recommended app to use for this situation.

Get rid of any icons or widgets from your homescreen. The idea is to get a fresh blank page. If you have a prime version of Nova Launcher, add some gestures to replace the navigation bar and app drawer.

Kustom Navigation

Open your Kustom app and you’ll be greeted with three main sections. The main window shows what you’re currently editing. Some shortcuts at the bottom of the page take you to different settings like layers, positioning, background and more. The top bar contains your menu, save button and new module icon.

kustm3 kustm1 kustm2  

Adding Modules

Alright now it’s time to add your first module. Select the add icon in the top right corner and choose “text”. Now you should see a tiny bit of text at the top of your preview screen.

Now let’s customize it. Select the text module listed at the bottom. This will allow you to edit the properties of the module you just added. The module you have right now is set to display the current time. You can edit the information that this module displays from this menu. Mess around with it and check out the results in your preview window.

If you make a mistake, use the undo icon in the top right to go back.


Fonts and Size

Once you’re happy with what you’ve added, you can start giving your text some character. Play with the font, size and width settings until you like what you see.

Check out the paint and position tabs for additional settings.

kustm7 kustm8 kustm9


Now that you have a text module that you’re happy with, let’s add a background image. Go to the background tab and select “type”. You’ll be able to use an image from your gallery, or choose a solid color to be your background.

kustm10 kustm11 kustm12

Now hit your save button, a choose “set as wallpaper”. You now know the basics of setting up a kustom live wallpaper. Try adding new modules and messing with the settings to learn more.


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