How to Use Magisk

How to Use Magisk

Magisk is a very popular tool in the Android modding world today. The headlining feature is the ability to run modifications without messing with the system. This is why it’s referred to as a “systemless” method. We have handy guides for installing a custom recovery and getting Magisk up and running. But after all the initial setup is complete, how do you actually use Magisk? Let’s dive in.

Magisk Manager

The Manager app is the main way you’re going to take advantage of Magisk. It’s not available in the Play Store, but you can download the latest APK from here if you didn’t already do it. After downloading the APK you will have to sideload it. The Manager is where you will go to take advantage of Magisk’s best features.


Magisk has the ability to install “modules” from the Manager app. The modules allow you to easily install a number of handy modifications. We have listed some of the best modules right here. The module repository can be accessed from the slide-out menu in the Manager app. You can browse through the list or do a search for something specific.

Once you find a module to try, simply tap the download arrow icon. A pop-up with more information and details will appear. If everything looks good, tap “Install” to begin the process. When the installation is complete you will have to reboot your phone to finalize it.

It’s also possible to download modules from outside of the Manager app. For example, there are a bunch of modules in this XDA thread that you won’t find in the app. To install one of these, simply download the ZIP file on your phone. Open the Manager app and go to the Modules section. Tap the yellow (+) button at the bottom of the screen and find the ZIP file you downloaded. You’ll see a similar pop-up from before and then you can tap “Install.” You will also have to reboot, of course.

Actually using the module will depend on which ones you install. Some will come with apps that allow you to adjust the functionality. Others will be simple mods that basically just do their thing. Make sure you read all the information about a mod before installing.

Hide Root

Arguably the most popular feature of Magisk is the ability to circumvent Google’s SafetyNet API. This tool detects when the system has been modified and blocks apps like Google Pay, Netflix, Snapchat, and Pokemon GO. The “systemless” quality of Magisk is what allows it to work around the SafetyNet minefield. You can essentially hide root from certain apps.

Magisk Hide is the feature that allows you put a cloaking device on root permissions for certain apps. Any app that you choose will not be able to see that the phone has been rooted. Therefore, Google SafetyNet will not be triggered and you can use all of your apps with no issues.

We will once again use the Manager app to enable this feature. Open the app and head to the Settings. Find “Magisk Hide” and toggle the switch on. Now, when you open the slide-out menu you should see Magisk Hide. Tapping it will open up a list of installed apps on your phone. Simply check the box for all the apps you wish to hide.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot you to do with Magisk. Modules allow you to customize and modify every nook and cranny of your device. It’s even possible to use other popular modification methods, like the Xposed Framework alongside Magisk. Try a few modules to get started and see what works for you.