How to watch Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event

How to watch Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event

We’re now less than 24 hours away from Microsoft’s launch event for Windows 11, its next-generation operating system. As we’ve already seen from a leaked build, it comes with a new UI. Don’t worry though, as Microsoft will definitely have more to say at its event.

When: June 24, 2021 at 11am ET

Microsoft rarely announces events set in Eastern Time. If this were any other event, the company would have said that it’s taking place at 8am Pacific Time. However, the theme around the Windows 11 event is, you guessed it, the number 11.

Where: Just like most events have been for over a year now, this is a virtual event. In fact, Microsoft was one of the first to commit that all of its events would be virtual until at least July 2021.


You’ll be able to watch the live-stream of the event on Microsoft’s website here. It’s likely that there will be a live-stream on YouTube, as there always is, but there’s nothing live right now. All Microsoft is saying is that you can watch from the link above.

There is a playlist called ‘June 24th Microsoft Event’, and all that’s on it is a video with a slowed down track of Windows startup sounds. They’ve been slowed down so that the video lasts, you guessed it, 11 minutes. If you need something to pass the time, give it a go.

There’s one other event happening, and that’s going to be the developer event, slated for 3pm ET that day. This will likely be a walkthrough of new APIs and such, but if you want to check that one out, that’s actually live on YouTube now.

Windows 11 is set to be a lot more than the leaked build that we saw previously, and we’ll find out all about it on June 24. Make sure to check back for all of the news from the events.

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