How to Win Without Building in Fortnite

How to Win Without Building in Fortnite

Have you become so good at Fortnite that you’re getting bored of winning every round? Lots of the best players implement their own challenges to spice up the game. One of these challenges is the “no building” challenge. As you might know, building in Fortnite is an essential part of the gameplay. Building stuff is how you take cover from enemy fire, reach spots on the top of houses ect. It is a popular challenge for Fortnite YouTubers to really show off their skill.

This video shows YouTuber Muselk taking on the challenge. His detailed commentary also doubles as a guide on how to win with this challenge.

Muselk found that when he’s not building, his strategy completely changes. He has to avoid open areas where people can snipe him without cover, making him stay near structures and trees as he navigates the map. He mentions that impulse grenades are much more valuable when playing this challenge, because using them is the only way to get on top of some of the houses without building. The best way to get to the second story of a house without stairs, is to destroy the ceiling, and jump on an open door to boost you up. The video is filled with more of these types of tips, that you’ll need to win the match.

The no-building challenge is possibly one of the most difficult ways to play Fortnite, and winning a match is going to take some serious skill.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game that you can download over at Epic Games.