How Would You Rate Your Phone’s Real-World Performance?

How Would You Rate Your Phone’s Real-World Performance?

Android has had a rocky path towards general optimizations and, ultimately, fluidity and smoothness. Updates and projects like KitKat and Project Butter and Svelte have definitely contributed improvements and made our phones feel smoother.

But as mobile devices begin targeting 120hz refresh rates, how do our current phones stack up?

There is a lot to performance, and it’s not easy to quantify real-world fluidity — it’s a complex result of hardware and software. However, we are often pretty good at getting an estimate by using our phone daily, and comparing it to other devices we have in our homes or come across in the wild. So we ask you:

Are you happy with your phone’s real-world performance? Where does it perform best, and where does it fail? What do you think is the bottleneck or culprit in case of bad performance? What would you change and what changes are you looking forward to?

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