HP announces a new 16-inch Spectre x360, a 34-inch AiO, and a lot more

HP announces a new 16-inch Spectre x360, a 34-inch AiO, and a lot more

HP is announcing a whole bunch of new Windows 11 PCs today, from tablets to laptops to desktops. At the top of the lineup is the new HP Spectre x360 16, its first 16-inch flagship convertible.

On the HP Spectre x360 16, the display is 3,072×1,920, giving it a 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s an interesting choice, since the company had previously used 16:9 displays in its Spectre x360 13 and 15, and moved to 3:2 with the Spectre x360 14. Presumably, it’s 16:10 on the HP Spectre x360 16 simply because that’s what kind of panels are available from suppliers.

The bigger story with the HP Spectre x360 16, however, is the camera. First of all, it has a 5MP webcam, so it has the 1080p video resolution that you need for proper video calls. This is still something that’s not entirely mainstream just yet, so it’s a big deal. Still, you’ll be seeing this feature a lot over the next year.

Woman standing in front of HP Spectre x360 16

HP Spectre x360 16

The camera also has some cool AI features. One is called Autoframe, which basically lets the camera follow you around. If you get up and walk around, the camera stays focused on you. It also has presence detection, so it can lock your PC when you walk away, and it can even tell if someone is looking over your shoulder and blue the screen.

As far as internals go, it’s got up to an Intel Core i7-11390H, a quad-core 35W processor, along with Iris Xe integrated graphics. Interestingly, HP doesn’t seem to be bringing back the Spectre x360 with a 45W CPU and dedicated graphics any time soon.

The HP Spectre x360 is coming in October at HP.com, starting at $1,639.

HP Envy 34 AiO against gray wall on wooden desk

HP Envy 34 AiO

Next up is the HP Envy 34 AiO, a 21:9 all-in-one with a 5K display (specifically, it’s 5,120×2,160). HP says that it’s the first all-in-one with a detachable magnetic camera, and also the first to have NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series graphics.

HP Envy 34 AiO with eight webcams on green background

HP Envy 34 AiO

That’s right; it has a magnetic camera. That means that you can place it on any side of the device that you want. Note that the camera is not sold separately, at least not at this time, so you can’t plug in eight cameras like the image above.

You can, however, fully adjust all of this stuff. Since you can place the camera anywhere, you can point it anywhere. The same goes for the screen. It can go up or down, and you can tilt it all the way forward.

The HP Envy 34 AiO is coming in October, starting at $1,999.

HP tablet in portrait mode on desk

HP 11 inch Tablet PC

Next on the list of the HP 11 inch Tablet PC. HP’s self-titled products are its entry-level tier, and for this to show up in a news release is interesting in itself. But indeed, this product does seem like it’s more than just entry-level.

HP says that it’s got the world’s first rotating camera, and the first 13MP front camera in a Windows tablet. The display is ISA certified too, another first for a tablet. It’s a 2K display (2,160×1,440) that’s meant to be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.

HP 11 inch Tablet with blue background

HP 11 inch Tablet PC

As you can see, the keyboard can actually be attached from either side. Indeed, it’s not often that we see a tablet that’s designed to be used both ways. Even the kickstand is designed for both.

The catch is that it offers an Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor with 4GB RAM. It’s coming in December at HP.com and Best Buy for $599, although there will be a separate SKU for $499 at Best  Buy that doesn’t come with the keyboard.

HP Palette on 11-inch Tablet and Envy 34 AiO

HP Palette software

While we’re on the subject of tablets, HP is introducing its HP Palette software suite. This is meant to be a creative suite that lets you manage your photos and more. HP Duet is part of it, letting you use your tablet as a second screen, like you’re seeing above with the HP 11 inch Tablet and the Envy 34 AiO. Another is Quick Drop, which lets you transfer files between your phone and your PC up to 50MB.

HP 14-inch Laptop with purple background

HP 14-inch Laptop

We’re not done with hardware though. Next is the HP 14-inch Laptop. Packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2, it’s the first mainstream Windows on ARM PC from HP. It’s coming in October at Walmart, and pricing will be announced later.

HP Pavilion 24 AiO in black

HP Pavilion AiO 27

Rounding out the PC hardware are the HP 23.8 inch All-in-One, HP 27 inch All-in-One, and HP Pavilion 27-inch All-in-One. These come with AMD Ryzen 5000 U-series processors, B&O speakers, and more.

The HP All-in-One PCs are coming in October starting at $749, while the Pavilion is also coming in October, starting at $799.

Finally, HP is announcing two new monitors, the HP U32 4K HDR Monitor for $499, and the M34d WQHD Curved Monitor for $499. Both are coming in October.

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