Does the HP Chromebook 14 have a built-in webcam? Is it any good?

Does the HP Chromebook 14 have a built-in webcam? Is it any good?

The HP Chromebook 14 is one of the most popular consumer Chromebook models out there. In fact, HP has a number of different variations of the Chromebook 14. If you recently picked up a new or pre-owned HP Chromebook 14, you might be wondering about the webcam. Webcam usage skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even today, millions more people are working remotely from home on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The good news is all models of the Chromebook 14 lineup come equipped with a webcam. There are some variations in quality depending on when your HP Chromebook 14 was manufactured. Let’s take a look at the differences.


HP Chromebook 14 models released before 2020

If your Chromebook 14 model was released before 2020, your webcam is either 480p or 720p. The disappointing 480p webcam appeared on the earliest models of the Chromebook 14, so you likely don’t have this webcam if you’re still using the Chromebook in 2021.

While 720p is a step up, it’s still not ideal for video calls. Most modern phones and many tablets have 1080p webcams, while laptops continue to lag behind. You should be able to get by with your 720p webcam on older models, but you may want to consider upgrading to a newer Chromebook when 1080p webcams become more ubiquitous.

HP Chromebook 14 models released from 2020 on

Models of the HP Chromebook 14 released from 2020 onward all have 720p webcam with an optional privacy shutter and wide vision enhancements. The privacy shutter is a nice feature if you’re worried about anyone hacking your webcam or spying from government agencies. If your Chromebook 14 has the Wide Vision enhancement, then it has a wider field of view. This is also a useful feature if you need to give a presentation using your Chromebook.

If you’re interested in the full list of Chromebook 14 models and the corresponding webcam specs, check out the comprehensive table below. For those of you still searching for a new Chromebook, check out our list of the best HP Chromebooks and the best touchscreen Chromebooks overall.

    You can buy all of the latest Chromebook 14 models directly from HP's website.
Product Webcam quality/features
Chromebook 14 480p
Chromebook 14 G3 480p (base model) 720p (all other models)
Chromebook 14 G4 720p
Chromebook 14 G5 720p
Chromebook 14 G6 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14 G7 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14a 720p
Chromebook 14a-na1 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14A G5 720p
Chromebook Enterprise 14A G5 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14-ca0xx 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14-ca1xx 720p (optional privacy shutter)
Chromebook 14-da0xxx 720p
Chromebook 14-db0xxx 720p


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