Does the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 have a privacy display?

Does the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 have a privacy display?

Business users often have to deal with sensitive information, and many times, they have to work in a public setting. To help keep sensitive information private, some business laptops come with what’s called a privacy display, which shields your screen from the people around you. With the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 releasing soon, you may be wondering whether it has a privacy display, too. Thankfully, yes, that is an option.

While it’s not included by default, you can add a privacy display to the HP Elite Dragonfly G3. HP calls it Sure View Reflect, and it’s only available in one of the three display configurations for this laptop. If you want to get the privacy display, you’ll have to go with the Full HD+ (1920 x 1280) resolution option. The top-tier 3K2K OLED display doesn’t have a privacy display.


Privacy display on the Elite Dragonfly G3

HP Sure View Reflect is the latest generation of HP’s privacy displays. The company has been doing this for a while, and this generation is naturally one of the best. What it does is make it so that if you look at the screen from an angle, you can’t see the content on the display. Instead, the screen will have a copper hue that blocks visibility of any content to people around you. This way, if you’re sitting in a coffee shop, you don’t have to worry about everyone else seeing that information. Specifically, HP says Sure View Reflect results in less than 1.5% of visibility from a 45-degree angle.

One of the benefits of HP Sure View Reflect is that it makes the viewing experience better for the user. To hide information from others, privacy displays often make it harder for the user to see the screen themselves, but Sure View Refect is a bit better. It should still be visible in outdoor environments, plus HP says it offers better image clarity compared to previous iterations of Sure View. Displays with Sure View Reflect can hit up to 1000 nits of brightness, ensuring visibility even in bright conditions.

While it requires special hardware, Sure View Reflect is actually a software feature, so you can enable it only when you need to shield private information from prying eyes, without affecting the viewing experience as much when you’re not using it.

Aside from the privacy feature, the display on the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is a great experience. It comes in a 3:2 aspect ratio, significantly taller than the 16:9 display of the previous model. Taller screens are also great for productivity since you can see much more content at once without scrolling. The privacy display option comes in Full HD resolution, but if you don’t need that feature, you can upgrade to a 3K2K (3000 x 2000) OLED panel, which is much sharper and looks fantastic. OLED displays offer vibrant colors, true blacks, and very high contrast ratios, making them fantastic for media consumption.

No matter what configuration you want, you’ll have to wait a little bit, as the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 isn’t available at the time of writing. We’ll be sure to have a link below once you can buy it. In the meantime, you can check out the best HP laptops you can buy right now. Some of them also have HP Sure View Reflect is that’s a feature you really need.

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