How much does the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 weigh?

How much does the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 weigh?

The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is likely one of the best business laptops of 2022, especially if you want something that feels premium. It’s powered by 12th-generation Intel processors, plus it has a new 3:2 display, a better webcam, and a clamshell design instead of a convertible one. Previous HP Elite Dragonfly models were very lightweight, though, so how much does the Elite Dragonfly G3 weigh with all those changes?

Thankfully, it’s still very light, starting at 0.99kg or 2.2lbs. That makes it one of the lightest laptops you can buy, and it doesn’t make a ton of sacrifices to get there. It still has all the ports you’d want in a business laptop, a great display, and powerful Intel processors. It’s also 16.4mm thick, which isn’t impressive, but it’s solid. Keep in mind that’s the starting weight – it will likely increase depending on your configuration.


The reason it can be so light is that it’s made from a magnesium alloy, much like previous Elite Dragonfly models. Magnesium is an interesting metal because it can offer the same durability that aluminum offers while being much thinner, which allows laptops to be much lighter. It’s a material that’s become a bit more common in premium laptops in recent years, but most still use aluminum. Plus, HP uses machined magnesium, instead of molding it, which helps it feels just as premium as if it were made from aluminum.

How does it compare to previous HP Elite Dragonfly models?

It’s interesting to compare the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 to its predecessors in terms of weight, because they’re very different laptops. Previous models were convertibles, plus they had 16:9 displays.

The HP Elite Dragonfly G2, which is more of a direct predecessor, weighed 2.18lbs, which is actually a little bit less than the Elite Dragonfly G3. But the Elite Dragonfly G2 was also a smaller laptop because of the 16:9 display. It measured 304.29 x 197.61 mm, compared to the 297.4 × 220.4 of the third-generation model. Plus, the Elite Dragonfly G3 comes with a big upgrade to the webcam – from a 720p sensor to a 5MP camera – which adds a bit of thickness, and in tandem, weight. On the flip side, since it’s no longer a convertible, it’s easier for the Elite Dragonfly G3 to be lighter.

Angled view of HP Elite Dragonfly Max

HP Elite Dragonfly Max

Alternatively, you can also compare it to the Elite Dragonfly Max. This laptop had the same exact dimensions as the Elite Dragonfly G2, yet it started at 2.49lbs of weight. It included a 5MP camera, similar to the one on the Elite Dragonfly G3, plus the base configuration included an Intel Core i7 model and 16GB of RAM, which helps explain the difference in weight. Most likely, you’ll be looking at a similar weight if you go with the same configuration on the HP Elite Dragonfly G3.

All three laptops are the same in terms of ports: Two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one USB Type-A, HDMI, and a headphone jack. None of the models makes sacrifices in that regard to be as light as they are.

The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is an expensive laptop, but if you’re interested, you can buy it below. If you’d rather look at some alternatives, you can check out the best HP laptops you can buy right now. Or maybe stop by our list of the best lightweight laptops if you want something extra portable.

    The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is HP's most premium business laptop, featuring 12th-gen Intel processors, a 3:2 display, and a lightweight design weighing just 2.2lbs, or less than one kilogram.

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