What configurations are available for the HP EliteBook 840 Aero?

What configurations are available for the HP EliteBook 840 Aero?

The HP EliteBook 840 Aero is an impressive business laptop for a few reasons. It’s incredibly light, starting at just 2.5lbs, but you can still configure it with some very powerful specs and plenty of add-ons to make it more suited for your needs. With so many options available, it can be hard to keep track. In this guide, we’ll list all the available configurations for the HP EliteBook 840 Aero, so you can more easily choose what you want.

Most of the configuration options don’t influence each other, but some do, and we’ll make sure to point them out whenever necessary.


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Operating system

While the HP EliteBook 840 Aero only comes with Windows 10 (upgradeable to Windows 11), you do get to choose between Windows 10 Home and Pro. This also affects some of the other configurations you can choose, with Windows 10 Home imposing some restrictions.

Operating system Configuration restrictions Added cost
Windows 10 Home
  • Only Intel Core i5 processors available
  • Only 8GB RAM
  • Maximum 512GB SSD + 32GB Intel Optane storage
Windows 10 Pro n/a $92 (selected by default)

HP EliteBook 840 Aero: CPU

The HP EliteBook 840 Aero offers a few selections for the CPU, although it’s only available with Intel processors. All of the versions include integrated Iris Xe graphics, and there are no dedicated GPU options. Here are your options:

CPU Cores/Threads Base clock/Boost Clock Cache Added cost
Intel Core i5-1135G7 4/8 2.4GHz/4.2GHz 8MB n/a
Intel Core i5-1145G7 vPro 4/8 2.6GHz/4.4GHz 8MB $187 (+$15 with OS Recovery service)
Intel Core i7-1165G7 4/8 2.8GHz/4.7GHz 12MB $211
intel Core i7-1185G7 vPro 4/8 3GHz/4.8GHzz 12MB $459 (+$14 with OS Recovery service)

In addition to slightly increased performance, vPro processors have some extra security features, which can be useful for business users.

HP EliteBook 840 Aero: RAM

RAM configurations are fairly straightforward. All configurations of the HP EliteBook 840 Aero, except the base model, include dual-channel memory running at 3,200MHz. This can also be upgraded by the user.

RAM Added cost
8GB (1 x 8GB) n/a
16GB (2 x 8GB) $140
32GB (2 x 16GB) $410
64GB (2 x 32GB) $960

HP EliteBook 840 Aero: Storage

Storage configurations on the HP EliteBook 840 Aero are also fairly straightforward, although some models do include the option for 32GB of Intel Optane memory (3D Xpoint). Optane memory is meant to accelerate access to commonly-used files, being faster than typical SSDs, but expensive relative to its size. Here are your options:

Storage Added cost

  • Optional: Self-encrypted drive (OPAL2)

  • Optional: Self-encrypted drive (OPAL2)
512GB NVMe SSD + 32GB Intel Optane $270
1TB NVMe SSD $365
2TB NVMe SSD $995

HP EliteBook 840 Aero: Display

Turning to the display, there are a few configurations available, although they’re all 14 inch Full HD panels. All models include an IR webcam out of the box, but what the display does affect is cellular connectivity. Some display options restrict your ability to add 4G or 5G. Here are your options:

Display Cellular options available Added cost
14-inch Full HD, 250 nits, 45% NTSC
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • $2 for 5G
14-inch Full HD, touch, 250 nits, 45% NTSC
  • 4G
14-inch Full HD, ambient light sensor, 400 nits, 100% sRGB
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • $92 w/o cellular
  • $101 for 4G
  • $102 for 5G
14-inch Full HD, ambient light sensor, HP Sure View privacy screen, 1000 nits, 100% sRGB n/a $207
14-inch Full HD, ambient light sensor, HP Sure View privacy screen, 1000 nits, 72% NTSC
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • $219 for 4G
  • $220 for 5G

Wireless and cellular connectivity

The final major aspect for configuration in the HP EliteBook 840 Aero is wireless connectivity, especially cellular networking. For Wi-Fi, you get an Intel AX201 Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 combo out of the box, although you can opt to remove it altogether. This saves you $9 if you choose a non-vPro processor, or $20 for vPro models. You can add your own Wi-Fi card later.

The big aspect you’ll probably want to configure is WWAN, or cellular connectivity. Since this is tied to your display choice, you have to take both of these aspects into consideration for the final price of your configuration. The prices listed below refer only to the cellular connectivity options themselves. Keep in mind if you choose a 4G compatible display option, you can still choose to not have 4G LTE support out of the box. But if you choose a 5G compatible display, 5G is enabled out of the box.

Connection type/modem Service providers Added cost
4G (Intel XMM 7360 LTE-Advanced, Cat 9)
  • AT&T (nano SIM)
  • Verizon (nano SIM)
  • Gemalto programmable eSIM
  • $135 (AT&T)
  • $138 (Verizon)
  • $139 (Gemalto programmable eSIM)
5G (Qualcomm Snapdragon X55)
  • AT&T
  • $417


All models of the HP EliteBook 840 Aero include a 53Whr battery, but you can choose the charger, which is unusual for a PC. You can choose between a barrel charger connector or USB Type-C, different power levels, and different designs. Here are the options:

Charger Added cost
45W Smart nPFC Right Angle AC Adapter n/a
65W Smart nPFC Right Angle AC Adapter $2
65W  nPFC USB-C Straight AC Adapter $8
65W Slim nPFC USB-C Straight AC Adapter $21


Finally, there are some extras you can add to your HP EliteBook 840 Aero configuration. We’ve rounded these up in a single table since there’s not various tiers as in the other categories. Instead, you can add these if you want them, and you just pay whatever they cost. Here’s a rundown of your options:

Optional features Cost
Fingerprint reader $10
SmartCard reader $5
NFC $5
Corporate Ready setting $2
Enabled Secured-Core PC (requires vPro processor) $2
Enable Windows 10 HVCI $2
Intel Evo verified design $2

Of course, you also get options to install software like Microsoft Office, extend your warranty, or add accessories, but those aren’t part of the PC itself.

Those are all the configuration options available for the HP EliteBook 840 Aero. There’s quite a lot to choose from considering this is a very light PC, but of course some configurations will add to the weight. If you’re ready to configure your own, you can buy the EliteBook 840 Aero using the link below. The laptop officially starts at $2,040, but you can sometimes find it at a significant discount. If it doesn’t quite meet your standards, there are other great HP laptops you can check out.

    The HP EliteBook 840 Aero is a lightweight clamshell laptop with lots of configuration options for business users. You can get it with up to an Intel Core i7, 64GB of RAM, and 2TB of storage, along with plenty of extras to improve your experience further.

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