HP’s new Elite Dragonfly has a 3:2 display, and there’s a Chromebook too

HP’s new Elite Dragonfly has a 3:2 display, and there’s a Chromebook too

It’s CES, and that means it’s time for just about every PC manufacturer to announce new wares. HP is refreshing almost its entire business laptop portfolio, from the entry-level ProBook series to its flagship, the Elite Dragonfly G3.

HP Elite Dragonfly G3

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HP Elite Dragonfly G3

HP’s Elite Dragonfly, in its relatively short life, has set a bar for business laptops. It weighs in at under a kilogram, and historically, it’s come in pretty colors like Dragonfly Blue and Sparkling Black. With the Elite Dragonfly Max, HP added an FHD webcam.

For one thing, that webcam is built into the main product now. But also, the Elite Dragonfly G3 comes with a 3:2 display, which is taller and has a larger overall surface area. Unsurprisingly, it measures 13.5 inches diagonally. While there are 1,920×1,280 options, one with the Sure View Reflect privacy display, there’s also a 3,000×2,000 OLED option.


Naturally, the Elite Dragonfly will come with Intel’s 12th-gen processors, which were also announced today. This generation comes in Slate Blue and Natural Silver. The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 will be available in March, with pricing to be announced later.

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook

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HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook

While we’ve had three generations of the Elite Dragonfly, this is the first time it’s also coming in a Chrome OS flavor. There are some subtle differences. The 3:2 display maxes out at 2,256×1,504 and it’s not OLED, so there’s no 3,000×2,000 option. It’s also heavier at 2.83 pounds, compared to 2.2 pounds.

It’s one of few Chromebooks that actually comes with Thunderbolt ports, and it even has 4G LTE and 5G options. One thing it has that the Windows version doesn’t have is a haptic touchpad.

The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook and HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Enterprise are coming in April, with pricing to be announced later.

HP Elite x360 1040 G9 and EliteBook 1040 G9

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HP Elite x360 1040 G9

The EliteBook 1000 series is the premium lineup. For this generation, there’s no mention of the 13-inch EliteBook x360 1030, so presumably that’s getting absorbed by Elite Dragonfly. For the 14-inch model, we still have the Elite x360 1040 G9 and EliteBook 1040 G9, which is a convertible and a clamshell, respectively.

Along with 12th-gen Intel processors, which pretty much the whole lineup is getting, the screen is getting the 16:10 treatment. Interestingly, the only options for both models come with 1,920×1,200 resolution; historically, there have been higher-resolution models for those that wanted it. You can, however, get it with Sure View Reflect if you want. But yes, that means that you can get the 13.5-inch model with a higher resolution than the 14-inch one.

Another thing that’s new is the same 5MP webcam that you’ll find on the Elite Dragonfly and Elite Dragonfly Chromebook. It supports 1080p video recording, and you also get features like HP Auto Frame, which will automatically focus on you if you move around. There’s also better noise cancelation than we’ve seen in previous generations.

The HP EliteBook 1040 G9 and EliteBook x360 1040 G9 will be available in March with pricing to be announced later.

HP Elite x360 830 G9, EliteBook 830 G9, EliteBook 840 G9, and EliteBook 860 G9

HP Elite x360 830 G9

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The EliteBook 800 series is the mainstream lineup. That’s the one that most companies buy. It’s usually about bringing down features that we’ve seen in the 1000 series in previous generations. For these four laptops, you can probably guess the key features.

They come with Intel’s 12th-gen processors, 16:10 displays, and the new 5MP webcam. Indeed, especially with the webcam, this is stuff that we’re not seeing too much in this tier. You can even configure these with 5G connectivity if you want.

The new HP EliteBook 800 series will arrive in March with pricing to be announced later.

HP EliteBook 630 G9, EliteBook 640 G9, EliteBook 650 G9, ProBook 440 G9, and ProBook 450 G9

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HP EliteBook 650 G9

The 400 and 600 series sits more along the entry-level tier, so while they’re getting 12th-gen processors, they still have 16:9 displays and HD webcams. They’re meant to provide a lot of value for businesses at a more reasonable price point.

The HP EliteBook 600 series and ProBook 400 series are set to arrive in March with pricing to be announced later.

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