HTC 10 and HTC One A9 Android 7.0 Nougat Kernel Source Code Released

HTC 10 and HTC One A9 Android 7.0 Nougat Kernel Source Code Released

HTC just announced that they have published the Android 7.0 kernel source code for the HTC 10 and the HTC One A9. These newly published sets of kernel source code will go a long way towards helping with the development of Android 7.0, AOSP-based custom ROMs for these devices.

Although it is always nice to see kernel source code published, it is a bit concerning that the kernel source code for the unlocked HTC One A9 is being published 6 months late. The Android 7.0 update for the HTC One A9 initially rolled out on January 17th 2017, which was also the point in time at which the matching kernel source code should have been released. This delay is relatively strange, as HTC is usually very quick to update their kernel source code, especially for their unlocked models.


It is important to keep in mind that while this isn’t the fastest case of publishing kernel sources, HTC had already published the Android 7.0 kernel source code for the unlocked model of the HTC 10 back in early December, just a couple weeks after initially launching Android 7.0 on the HTC 10. While it is not yet clear what caused the delay for the other HTC 10 and HTC One A9 models, it is still a relief to finally see their Android 7.0 kernel source code published in accordance with the GPL 2.0 license.

With this release, HTC has bumped the source code version for the unlocked HTC 10 from 2.28.617.8 to 2.50.617.2. The full list of newly published Android 7.0 Kernel Source code can be found in the following chart:

Device Software Version
HTC 10 T-Mobile 2.41.531.44
HTC 10 Verizon 2.41.605.20
HTC 10 Telstra 2.48.841.3
HTC 10 Unlocked 2.50.617.2
HTC One A9 China CHS 2 2.17.1405.3
HTC One A9 EU 2.17.401.2
HTC One A9 India 2.18.707.1
HTC One A9 Unlocked 2.18.617.21
HTC One A9 Telstra 2.17.841.1
HTC One A9 Asia HK CHT 2.17.708.2
HTC One A9 Unlocked 2.18.617.30

You can find the Kernel Source code for download at the HTC Dev Center.

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