HTC 10’s AnTuTu Ranking Surfaces; Shows Impressive Score

HTC 10’s AnTuTu Ranking Surfaces; Shows Impressive Score

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As the HTC 10 comes closer to official release, we now see more and more leaks and other informative tidbits flowing from various sources. This time, AndroidCentral got tipped about an image of the HTC 10 in the wild, showing the phones AnTuTu score.


The HTC 10 seemingly scores a very good 156,000+ score in the image, which ranks it up higher than the average score from the Xiaomi Mi 5 (Snapdragon 820) and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (processor unknown). While we did expect the device to get some good benchmark scores owing to its Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM, seeing it ranked above similar specced competitors indicates that either HTC nailed optimizations to squeeze out as much power from the hardware as it can, or they are manipulating benchmarks yet again (it wouldn’t be the first time they did so) to display a picture rosier than reality.

For design, we are treated to just a glimpse of the front, and it is not as bad as the early renders and images suggested. Official teasers from HTC suggest a new BoomSound setup, but the removal of the speakers give the device a clean look, punctured just by the fingerprint scanner. Personal preference may sway you towards HTC’s older design language, but HTC’s risky redesign might just pay off with the mainstream consumer.

Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see what HTC has in store for us. Will the new HTC 10 be the Incredible One from our Dream? Will it be the Hero HTC needs and Desires? Can the HTC 10 be the Legend that gives HTC a Rezounding success? Can it Inspire and Amaze the normal consumer with its design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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