HTC Announces New Edge Sense Features for the U11

HTC Announces New Edge Sense Features for the U11

HTC tweeted a video of some new features coming to Edge Sense on their latest HTC U11 smartphone. Users will soon have the option to squeeze the phone to perform various additional actions.

The Taiwanese company announced that squeezing will have special features in some applications. For instance, by pressing the edges, you can zoom in Google Maps. Additionally, Edge Sense is now compatible with Photos, and squeezing the edges once zooms in the image, then the image can be restored to its original size after another squeeze.

HTC Edge Sense will also work with the Dialer application, where squeezing will work just like an “answer call” button. Finally, you will be able to disable a ringing alarm by squeezing your phone in sleepy frustration.

The last supported application is Calendar, where squeezing activates the month view. Again, a nice addition though not every useful.

HTC is also encouraging its fans to submit ideas to the company for future Edge Sense tricks. Among responses, you can find real gems like this one.

We can’t wait to see some of HTC’s ideas in action, at least what’s in store that we don’t yet know about. For example, squeezing might become useful in gaming or as a switch between full screen and regular mode while playing video. The new feature rollout should begin shortly.

  Source: @htc

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