HTC Grip: HTC’s New Smart Fitness Tracker

HTC Grip: HTC’s New Smart Fitness Tracker

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If you’ve missed HTC’s conference at the Mobile World Congress, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou just announced a new partnership between HTC and Under Armour. The two companies are teaming up to bring you a new product, the HTC Grip, designed to improve the way you train and live.

If you’ve never heard of it before, Under Armour is an American company that specializes in sportswear, among other sports clothing and accessories — it’s one of the hottest fitness brands, as CEO Peter Chou put it.

What does the HTC Grip do, than? Simply put, it is a smart finesse tracker. It boasts five sensors including GPS, gyroscope, G sensor (accelerometer) and a compass. For the unaware, an accelerometer is used to detect the orientation of the device, while the gyro is able to track its rotation. The data from the two devices can be combined to get a responsive and accurate output. While the Grip does not have a heart rate monitor, it fortunately supports Bluetooth, which means you can connect it to a separate heart rate monitor.

The HTC Grip is also able to track multiple activities, such as walking, running, cycling or even a session in the gym (“multi-sport” setup). It also comes with a curved display, designed to make it easier to view training data and notifications while on the move. You’ll be able to get notifications from both Android and iOS smartphones, for missed calls, messages and other notifications. You can also control some things (such as music playback) directly from the band.

HTC GripThe Grip can also seamlessly sync your training data with your Under Armour record, giving you the ability to track, analyze, and share fitness data with an interactive network, and even get tailor-made advice for nutrition, training methodologies and injury prevention.
You can even invite up to 20 friends in a customized fitness challenge. These challenges can last several days and are updated live, with a neat leader board to track progress and compare scores.

It is IP57 dust and water-resistant rated, and is expected to last 2 to 3 days without GPS, or around 5 hours with the GPS enabled. It is expected to launch in the US only later this year, with a price tag of $199. The HTC Grip is supposed to be the first product of many to come, so keep an eye out for future fitness products by HTC!