HTC to Halt Stock Trading Tomorrow, Rumored Google Acquisition Seemingly Imminent

HTC to Halt Stock Trading Tomorrow, Rumored Google Acquisition Seemingly Imminent

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To say that HTC has been having a bit of a financial issue is an understatement. The company’s financial reports show massive losses thanks to their mobile division and even typical executive shuffle hasn’t been able to turn the company around. There have been multiple reports about HTC being in talks with Google about receiving a strategic investment, but now some new rumors suggest the companies will announce a unique acquisition soon.

The first information we saw of this from earlier today comes from a columnist for Bloomberg Gadfly. Tim Culpan says the company has just announced that HTC will halt the sales of its stock tomorrow as it prepares for a major announcement. That’s all the concrete information we have to go on right now as the rest is currently speculation and hearsay from various sources. Mr. Culpan does continue by saying that Cher Want is in Taipei right now and that certain parts of the HTC headquarters are currently blocked off.

He’s not able to verify this, but he’s hearing this is evidence that a Google deal will be announced in one or two days. Now, we’ve talked about this Google acquisition in the past. A recent Bloomberg report talked about HTC being in talks with Google for a possible investment opportunity and many have speculated that it could lead to a full on acquisition of the company’s mobile division. We saw Google do this with Motorola but they eventually sold off the hardware part to Lenovo. Our own Daniel Marchena saw this coming weeks before reports began surfacing as well.

Now, Evan Blass (better known as @evleaks) says someone sent him a copy of an internal invitation which is asking an employee to attend an HTC town hall meeting on September 21st. He feels that invitation is legitimate and it coincides with other news. He continues by saying one alleged topic at the town hall meeting will be the Google acquisition. This is followed up by saying it may not be a full acquisition of HTC or even the mobile division and instead will be about Google acquiring “certain hardware engineering assets” so that HTC can retain the brand.

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