HTC HD2 Gets Working Quick Menu

HTC HD2 Gets Working Quick Menu

This application was made specifically for the HD2. The are many different QuickMenu applications, but this one actually works. It gives you quick access to all the Menus and applications you want to view without leaving your home screen. There’s currently a version available for the Norwegian ROM and the WWE.

Originally Posted by rbiez
I had problems finding a working version of QuickMenu for HD2, so I modified my own .cab a bit. I hope this will help others as well.
If anyone want to use it on other languages, the only modification after installation is to change 0409 to your own local code in the files:

Program Files\Qmenu\QMenuCfg.dll.0409.mui
Program Files\Qmenu\QuickMenu.exe.0409.mui

And then in the settings of QuickMenu change the path for your local start menu.

You can read more and get the files in the application thread.

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