HTC Messaging Client v1.8 Available

HTC Messaging Client v1.8 Available

The messaging client which HTC has integrated into newer releases of the Sense interface has long been infamous for its many bugs, its unbearable slowness, and its lack of unique features.

XDA member G-ThGraf has discovered that the newest version, hot off the latest Sense update, fixes all of these problems. Version 1.8 of HTC’s Messaging Client for Pocket PC seems to have no lag when sending, receiving or composing messages on top of its increased stability. What’s more, the newest release includes a ‘Secure Box’ feature, which allows you to quickly file away your most sensitive messages in a password-protected folder. An impressed user of the new client has made this quick video to illustrate its improvements in performance.

G-ThGraf has kindly consolidated the update into a .cab, which is available in the application thread. The update is designed for use on the HD2 but may not work with all ROMs.

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