HTC One M10 Renders Surface on XDA Forums

HTC One M10 Renders Surface on XDA Forums

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 have had some of their design aspects revealed via drawings, mockups, renders or even actual images. So it is natural that we see some of these for HTC’s next flagship, the One M10.

The HTC One M10, also codenamed as the HTC Perfume, will reportedly feature a 5.2″ QHD AMOLED display on the front. The device is reported to be powered by the Snapdragon 820, which looks like an obvious choice for most flagships to be released in 2016. Further, there will be 4GB of RAM onboard, along with 32GB of internal storage supplemented by micro sd card expansion. HTC is not too keen on ditching the UltraPixel camera setup either, as the M10 is likely to feature a 12-UltraPixel rear camera, with laser autofocus. The front camera is yet to be detailed, but both, the front and the rear camera, are likely to sport OIS, which should definitely help in taking stable images.

HTC One M10 PerfumeNotable leaker @evleaks aka Evan Blass had tweeted a rather unflattering live image of the device, which sheds light on the design aspect of thephone. The One M10 will be a departure from the traditional flagship M-lineup design. Instead, the phone will follow along the newfound design philosophy of the HTC One A9, with a few twists and turn.

Looks ugly? Yeah, it does. Even @evleaks mentioned that the device is not as ugly as the image makes it out to be, asking readers to reserve judgement till the device is officially unveiled.

Recognized Contributor hamdir decided to make a few mockups of the M10, based on all the leaked information available so far regarding its design, as well as incorporating “insider information” that he has on the M10. The result is a device that looks much more like something that HTC would release. While this is not a full confirmation of the device, it gives us some insight into what the device will likely look like based on everything we know.

HTC One M10 Perfume

The render and the live image remind us of one feature that will not be seen on the M10: the front-facing BoomSound speakers. HTC has decided to do away with one of the strongest points of the M-lineup against other flagships. Along with the front speaker, the HTC logo that usually adorns the bezel is also missing, to which we say good riddance. There’s also a fingerprint scanner cum home button on the front, which is less elongated than the ones found on the A9.

Here’s a gallery for quick comparison between the HTC One M9, One M10 and the One A9:

Hamdir mentions a few points about the render. Firstly, the One M10 will have an improved screen to body ratio. This means that the M10 will sport the bigger 5.2″ display in similar body dimensions as of the M9. The camera hardware is also said to be “heavy loaded”, which could be interpreted in a variety of ways. Also, the HTC One M10 will sport an AOSP-like UX, albeit it will still most likely be Sense UI 8.0 on top of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (something similar to what was seen on the A9). The mockup also does not reveal “the hidden thing on the front”, which is a sentence as cryptic as it gets.

According to rumors, HTC will not be showcasing the M10 Perfume at the Mobile World Congress 2016, opting for a separate launch event later on. This could give HTC some wiggle room for last minute improvisations and deciding the pricing keeping in mind the competition for 2016.

What are your thoughts on the HTC One M10 renders? Do you prefer HTC going the A9 design-way for the flagship lineup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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