Customize Your HTC One Max with Xtended Settings

Customize Your HTC One Max with Xtended Settings

The HTC One Max is HTC’s answer to the incredibly successful Note series by Samsung. With top notch specs, a beautiful screen, and running Sense 6 (as of a couple of months ago), the One Max is a great device to have in your hand if phablets are your thing. If you happen to be an owner of the One Max and are looking to further customize its interface, in a big way or small way, you may want to check out Xtended Settings.

Developed by Senior Member RichmondoUK, Xtended Settings is an Xposed module which allows you to customize myriad aspects of the UI of your One Max. The scope of options allowed pretty much covers everything there is to change, ranging from the status bar and the home launcher, to the system and CPU. Functions include:

  • Statusbar theming support – theme each icon individually!
  • Hide specific notifications icons
  • MIUI Battery bar with charging animation
  • Custom navbar images
  • Select custom colour / Animation / Image for app drawer
  • Custom 3 finger swipe gestures and 3 finger tap
  • Configure long press delay of buttons
  • Highly configurable auto-brightness settings, with manual configuration of each sensor value

Of course, in order to run this, you’ll need your device to be rooted and running the fantastic Xposed Framework. RichmondoUK also states that the closer your ROM is to the official firmware of the device, the better the module will run.

If you would like check out just how much you can customize Your One Max, check out the One Max Xtended Settings forum thread for more information.

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