Dynamic Partition Reallocation for the HTC Pico

Dynamic Partition Reallocation for the HTC Pico

Some older devices have a hard time keeping up with the latest Android releases. Despite processing power capable of running even the newest revisions of Android, the limited storage on many devices ends up preventing many legacy devices from enjoying the latest versions. A few days ago, we talked about a Motorola Defy repartition script that enlarges the /system partition, allowing users to load bigger ROMs.

A similar modification was made for the late-2011 HTC Pico by XDA Senior Member thewisenerd. The modification works on NAND devices that don’t have separate partition table/file (sbf, PIT, etc). This is related to custom mtd-parts, which was used in quite a few devices like early HTCs or Sony. A modified TWRP made by thewisenerd combined with compatible kernel allows users to install ROMs that require a bigger /system partition than is currently available on the device. The HTC Pico has many variants, thus making it difficult to create a universal tool. However, thewisenerd’s tool works on almost all device variants.

If you’re still using the HTC Pico and you want to use some bigger KitKat ROMs, you should visit the awesom3 dynamic partition table resizing thread to learn how to load bigger ROMs onto your device.

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