HTC Teases Launch Event for November 2nd, Pictures the HTC U11+

HTC Teases Launch Event for November 2nd, Pictures the HTC U11+

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HTC has already released two devices under its new U series naming scheme and if rumors are to be believed, there will be at least two more released as well. It has been speculated that HTC was going to be launching a new device on November the 2nd and today the official HTC Twitter account confirmed this. They also included part of a smartphone that seems to indicate the company will be unveiling the HTC U11+ at the event.

So we already have the HTC U11 and the HTC U11 Ultra on the market right now. There has been two more devices under this codename family (Ocean) which was recently rumored to be the HTC U11+ and the HTC U11 Life. We reported on the alleged hardware specs of the HTC U11 Life late last week and it is said to be a mid-range smartphone with the Snapdragon 630 SoC, a 5.2″ 1080p display, 32GB of internal storage and a 2,600mAh capacity battery.

It was unclear if HTC was to unveil this device on November 2nd or if it would be the higher-end HTC U11+, but a Tweet from @evleaks suggested it was planned to be for the U11 Life. It was very early this morning at 2AM Eastern when the official HTC Twitter account sent out the embedded Tweet below. As with most teasers, it’s simple with the date November 2nd, 2017 on it and a glimpse at what looks like the device they’ll be announcing then.

We’ve covered rumors of the alleged specs of the bigger HTC U11+ already this month in two different pieces. If true, we’re expecting the HTC U11+ to have a 5.99″ QHD+ LCD display, the Snapdragon 835 SoC, 4GB or 6GB of RAM, IP68 water resistance, and a 12MP rear-facing camera with an 8MP front-facing camera. Battery size is said to be 3,930mAh and will be equipped with both BoomSound as well as Edge Sense.

Source: @HTC