HTC Twitter Q&A Compilation

HTC Twitter Q&A Compilation

Following up on the launch of the HTC One A9, HTC hosted a Question and Answer session on their official Twitter handle.

You can find all their replies to their fans over here, but if you do not wish to scroll through hundreds of tweets, we’ve compiled some of the more important ones below.

Starting off were plenty of tweets regarding how the HTC One A9 bears resemblance to the iPhone 6:

@RiverTam57 tweeted: @HTC’s gone full Apple. Pretty disappointing. M8 was fantastic, 1 A9 is just carbon copy of iPhone 6…
Response: @RiverTam57 Others have laid claim to our ideas, innovation, and designs. Whatever your view, we believe it ultimately benefits the consumer



@nowthatsmint tweeted: A shame that the new A9 is being defined as an iPhone copy, when @HTC introduced that known hardware design in the first place. #BeBrilliant
Response: @nowthatsmint How quickly people forget, right?



@GozyMM tweeted: @htc Nice iphone design bro
Response: @GoZyMM HTC pioneered the all-metal body. Though the One A9 looks different, it’s not a departure from our original design philosophy.


@xd1936 tweeted: Where there’s not *any* wiggle room is with @HTC today. Man. Talk about blatant rip-off. It’s kind of gross.
Response: @xd1936 HTC was an innovator in the first smartphone designs. Those details include antenna strips on the back of the unibody construction.



There were also a few brief explanations regarding decisions made on the A9, including speakers, its display panel and its choice of SoC:

@anshelsag tweeted: Not sure if I can get behind the 1080P resolution decision on the @HTC #HTCOneA9. I do like the fingerprint sensor and expandable memory.
Response: @anshelsag We feel the Full HD screen offers crisp detail and vivid colors without hindering battery performance.

To which, OP responded: @htc I didn’t know the price, but now that I do, 1080P makes sense to me.


@philippecr tweeted: Which do you prefer, one bottom side speaker, or two frontal speaker? #HTCQnA
Response: @philippecr We prefer incredible high-fidelity sound. ^DB #HTCQnA



@odoncn tweeted: #HTCQnA Love HTC One A9.
1. How does A9 to support Hi-Res, from software or customized DAC/AMP? 2. Does BoomSound still exist on A9?
Response: @odoncn It uses both hardware AND software! BoomSound still exists, but integrated with the headset. ^DB #HTCQnA



@yosidia tweeted: @HTCUSA what about the stereo loud speakers in New A9? #HTCQnA
Response: @yosidia Fingerprint scanner was a priority, but we didn’t lose BoomSound. It’s optimized for high res audio headphone experience. ^DB



@ChazzRat tweeted: @htc what about the external speakers of the a9? Have they been moved or are they still on the front like the rest of the One devices?
Response: @ChazzRat 1/2: The speaker is now located on the bottom of the One A9. The One A9 integrates BoomSound with Dolby Audiot



@MBilalZia tweeted: @htc A9, 1080p display and one speaker.. are you serious? what are you guys doing?
Response: @MBilalZia We feel the Full HD screen offers crisp detail and vivid colors without hindering battery performance.



@thekingsteve tweeted: @htc the look as well as the audio improvements, thats why I have the m8 h/k now. Also like the fact that the bootloader can be unlocked!
Response: @thekingsteve The 24 bit audio is going to change everything. Your listening experience will never be the same.



@dannyowahlberg tweeted: @htc @drewbam do you have to have expensive headphones to tell the difference? I have a 50 dollar pair. Will it sound better then iphone 6s?
Response: @dannyowahlberg Any pair of headphones will work. The sound is amazing and hard to compare to many other devices.



@JoshBoecker tweeted: @htc Also, just curious, why the 600 series Snapdragon instead of an 800 series? #HTCQnA
Response: @JoshBoecker The 617 offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency. You’ll be pleased with the performance! ^DB #HTCQnA



@arvind2391 tweeted: @htc what was the reason for going with Snapdragon 617 for the processor ? Why not Snapdragon 620 ? #HTCQnA
Response: @arvind2391 The Qualcomm® Snapdragon 617 processor was our choice for the HTC One A9 and we are pleased with the performance it provides.



@cmbatter tweeted: @HTCUSA @CherWang @JasonMacHTC @drewbam #HTCQnA Will the A9 have excessive heat issues like the M8 under high CPU loads?
Response: @cmbatter You’ll experience no heat issues with the #HTCOneA9, we can assure you of that. ^DB #HTCQnA



@rojajimmy tweeted: @htc A9 doesn’t support quick charge 3 by @Qualcomm ???
Response: @rojajimmy The Snapdragon 617 processor is forward-compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, and we expect the One A9 to support it later this year.



@Zoher_15 tweeted: #HTCQnA Is a quickcharge 2.0 charger included? Also how will the update to Quickcharge 3.0 work? Will it need a new charger? @htc
Response: @Zoher_15 3.0 will be supported, but not included in box in order to keep the device price low. You’ll need a new 3.0 charger. ^DB #HTCQnA



@shyguy760steaz tweeted: @htc will you add wireless charging ?
Response: @shyguy760steaz Currently there is no option for wireless charging but the A9 does come with Quick Charge 2.0 technology.



 @tarak89 tweeted: @htc @HTC_IN @drewbam good luck long battery lasts as I can see it’s 2150 mah
Response: @tarak89 The One A9’s battery is appropriately sized for a premium look. We achieved a slim design while still retaining a suitable battery.



@mattpex tweeted: How does the small battery perform on the new A9? Why such a low capacity? #HTCQnA
Response: @mattpex It works great due to the efficiency improvements in Android Marshmallow and features like Doze. ^DB #HTCQnA


Response: @philippecr u haz the components layout constraints ^DB #HTCQnA


@GateVR tweeted: @htc #HTCQnA USB C connector on the A9? USB 3.1?
Response: @GateVR USB C is still an early technology, so we went with micro USB because it’s more widely available.



@feelthebern16 tweeted: @htc Does the A9 have dual tone flash? Also why go back to a volume rocker instead of separate volume buttons?
Response: @feelthebern16 The A9 does have dual tone flash.



@HildaLaboy tweeted: How was camera improved from the M9? How does it compares to the M8 Ultrapixel? #HTCQnA
Response: @HildaLaboy The OIS has dramatically improved low-light performance. ^DB #HTCQnA



@AndrewPunch tweeted: @htc @drewbam I have an M8 and M9, love them. Does the A9 have an IR blaster? #HTCQnA
Response: @AndrewPunch Unfortunately, no. But we’d love to hear your voice and how you use it. ^DB #HTCQnA



@TMartinPPC tweeted: @HTC @htc Why a home button? Why? #HTCQnA
Response: @TMartinPPC The on-screen phone buttons are actually easier to reach due to their placement on the phone ^DB #HTCQnA



@tcsanthosh12 tweeted: @HTCUSA is HTC One A9 is water resistant or waterproof?
Response: @tcsanthosh12 The #HTCOneA9 is water resistant to IPx3, meaning it’s able to withstand sprays of water—perfect for everyday use.



@LoneReaver tweeted: @htc #HTCQnA Will the A9 support Band 12 LTE on the T-Mobile Network?
Response: @LoneReaver Yes, it will! ^JM #HTCQnA



@spoooky_andy tweeted: @htc will you support VoLTE on T-Mobile for the A9?
Response: @spoooky_andy Yep. The A9 will support VoLTE.



@chesebro17 tweeted: @htc @HTCUSA @CherWang What is the current state for verizon customers in the US? #HTCQnA
Response: @chesebro17 You’ll be able to get an Unlocked Verizon compatible #HTCOneA9 from . ^JM #HTCQnA


@GSanjakdar tweeted: @htc The pre-order page doesn’t allow us to select the configuration (32 or 16)GB, which one is currently available in US? #HTCQnA
Response: @GSanjakdar The One A9 currently available in the US is the 32gb/3GB RAM variant.



@mixho500 tweeted: @Qualcomm @moversi @htc can we preorder it for Europe
Response: @mixho500 Pre-order is not currently available in Europe.



@Sebianoti tweeted: @HTC Europe is calling and says we want HTC Uh-Oh, is it coming? #HTCQnA
Response: @Sebianoti Stay tuned for announcements coming. ^CW #HTCQnA



@4d4mdotnet tweeted: @HTCUSA Is the #HTCOneA9 going to have a Google Play Edition or equivalent? Because, to be frank, I buy your phones for the GPE OS.
Response: @4d4mdotnet While we don’t have any info on GPE, we have good news: an Unlocked version is available.



@Leandronb5 tweeted: @htc Does the new A9 replace the M series?
Response: @Leandronb5 It doesn’t replace any series. The A9 is simply an awesome new phone.



@el_frisi tweeted: @JasonMacHTC @htc @CherWang is the unit a new flagship or a mid range device? What can we expect next year regarding the M series?
Response: @el_frisi The HTC One A9 has some pretty high end specs, but rest assured we’re still going to keep making awesome smartphones.



@JordonMaxwell tweeted: #HTCQnA so is this the new flagship? The successor from the M9? @htc
Response: @JordonMaxwell For anyone who picks up this device, they’ll definitely consider it a flagship! ^JM



@youssefelhachem tweeted: @htc when is the launch of M9 successor is expected? At the usual MWC? (Flagship 2016) looking forward to that! Need to upgrade my M8 🙂 #HTCQnA
Response: @youssefelhachem Today is all about the A9. You’ll have to stay tuned. ^JM #HTCQnA



@capychimp tweeted: @htc will you make a Windows 10 version?
Response: @capychimp We can’t comment on future products and partnerships, but stay tuned!



@wesleybliss tweeted: @HTC just said the new #A9 bootloader can be unlocked without voiding the warranty! #PROGRESS
Response: @wesleybliss Pretty amazing, right? We want to encourage not impede our techie community.



@Paoloriginals tweeted: Android HTC M mounted on the A9, it will come with the same personalization or of m9? #HTCQna
Response: @Paoloriginals Yes with HTC Themes. ^DB #HTCQnA



@instgrade tweeted: @htc a9 Double SIM Card Is Available ??
Response: @instgrade We currently don’t have any dual SIM options but stay tuned to our social channels for any new announcements.



@Avispanized tweeted: how many colors of A9 do you prepare for pre-order? cannot find GOLD with unlock version on your webpage right now… @htc #HTCQnA
Response: @Avispanized Gold and Garnet will be available before the end of November on . ^JM #HTCQnA 



@Zoher_15 tweeted: #HTCQnA It is a well known fact as @Android progresses old hardware becomes obsolete. How many years of Android updates do you promise A9?
Response: @Zoher_15 At least 2 years. ^JM #HTCQnA



@canoopsy tweeted: @htc What exactly does the 30 day trial entail, that was mentioned in the live presentation for the One A9?
Response: @canoopsy It means if you don’t like the A9 after 30 days, you can return it back to us and we’ll give you a refund. We’re that confident.



The team also spoke a bit about other HTC products and smartphones apart from the One A9. For the most part though, they declined to offer concrete and specific details:



@perspectivejazz tweeted: @HTC Will other HTC phones receive this new sense platform? Definitely like the hyperlapse feature.#HTCQnA
Response: @perspectivejazz Those decisions are still in the works. Stay tuned for official announcements in the future. ^DB #HTCQnA



@gd761 tweeted: @HTCUSA #HTCQnA Will We see Another Tablet Similar to the @JETSTREAM, but Updated that includes a Subwoofer?
Response: @gd761 Good idea. We’ll pass it to product team. ^JM #HTCQnA



The Q&A Team did have some fun during the whole session too, often poking jabs at other OEM’s:

@SamLui17 tweeted: @htc How many rts for you to send me the htc one a9
Response: @SamLui17 One trillion.



While the HTC One A9 drew mixed reactions, the Q&A session received a very strong response from both, the public as well as the answering team. Even though we tried to avoid repetitive questions, we still clocked in a lot of responses. Taking a look at HTC’s Twitter feed, you’ll realize that the team a tremendous job at answering queries, without even flinching or tiring when the same questions kept getting asked again and again. From a purely efforts perspective, I’d like to congratulate them on a job well done. Now we just hope that the HTC One A9 becomes the phone HTC needs at this stage.

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