[Update 2: Rolling out in Europe] HTC finally rolls out Android Pie for the U11, starting in Taiwan

[Update 2: Rolling out in Europe] HTC finally rolls out Android Pie for the U11, starting in Taiwan

Update 2 (08/01/19 @ 12:45 PM ET): HTC has restarted the rollout of Android Pie for the HTC U11 in Europe.

Update 1 (06/05/19 @ 01:30 AM ET): HTC is pulling the update back after reports that it is soft-bricking devices. A better update should arrive the coming Thursday. HTC is offering free service to those troubled by it.

HTC’s smartphone business is far from rewarding but it may not be giving up anytime soon. The phonemaker has shifted its focus to 5G and smartphones that facilitate blockchain transactions and applications. For its existing devices, the company is not turning a blind eye to the devices that deserve an Android Pie update. Earlier this month, HTC announced that HTC U11, U11+, and the U12+ will shortly start receiving the update to Android Pie, and the first of these devices is starting to get a taste of Pie.


According to a couple of Twitter users, the HTC U11 is starting to receive the Android Pie update. Currently, we only have reports of the update being available to users HTC’s home country, Taiwan. We do expect the update to be available in other regions but cannot ascertain the timeline for the rollout, just yet.

As per the screenshot, the Android Pie update for the HTC U11 is 1.36GB in size and will bump the build number to 3.22.709.2 of Sense UI. The update brings system enhancements but the changelog does not elaborate upon these changes. It also removes Google+ (RIP) from BlinkFeed, HTC’s news discovery app. There is no mention of an upgraded UI, as you would usually expect with the Android Pie update. As for the stability, one user says that there are a bunch of bugs and if you’re one of the lucky recipients, we’d urge you to share your experience.

HTC is definitely a laggard in terms of the Pie update, with the HTC U11 Life being an exception – probably because it is an Android One device. In the meantime, the company is also expected to be baking the update for HTC U12+, which gets Pie in June, and the HTC U11+, which is expected to follow later next month. We will update you when we learn about the rollout in other countries.

Update 1: HTC U11 update is being pulled back

HTC is pulling the update back because it is leading to soft-bricking of some of the devices. The company notes some users are unable to unlock their devices using the PIN or the pattern. It is offering free service to those need to get their U11 fixed.

HTC has also said that a fresh update should be expected to roll out on Thursday, June 6th. For information about service centers where you can walk in and get your smartphone fixed, see this page.

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Update 2: Rolling out in Europe

After pausing the update two months ago, HTC is rolling out Android Pie to the HTC U11 again. People in Europe have reported receiving the update on their devices. The update is slightly smaller than before (1.31GB), but the changelog is exactly the same.

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