HTC U11 Camera Overtakes the Pixel, Secures the Top Spot on the DxOMark Leaderboard

HTC U11 Camera Overtakes the Pixel, Secures the Top Spot on the DxOMark Leaderboard

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After many months of rumors, reports and leaked videos from all around the world, HTC has officially announced their flagship smartphone for 2017. Dubbed the HTC U11, it shares a lot of design aesthetics with the HTC U Ultra. The device comes with a lot of the hardware you would expect from a flagship smartphone in 2017, but it looks like its flies higher than every other smartphone available on the market right now in regards to its camera… at least according to one reputable source.

This phone knocks the Pixel from Google off its throne on the DxOMark leaderboard, with the HTC U11 receiving scores one point higher in both the photo and video portion of their tests. Where the Pixel received an average score of 89 for photo and an 88 for video, the scores for the HTC U11 were 90 and 89 respectively. When looking at the individual categories, DxOMark’s tests show the HTC U11 beating the pixel in everything except video stabilization and artifacts in videos.

When looking at their photo-specific tests, they felt the HTC U11 preserved good details well in both outdoor and low light conditions. They said the exposure and dynamic range was good, and that the white balance was generally pleasant. They even felt the noise levels were low when in low light conditions. However, they also felt some outdoor scenes had a slight bluish cast, luminance noise was slightly visible in the sky, and noticed ghosting, color fringing and ringing were sometimes visible.

Shifting over to the video side of things, they noted that the stabilization was very effective and the details were well preserved. Noise levels were said to be good and the autofocus was both fast and accurate in all conditions. They also felt the white balance and exposure targets were good during their tests. The negatives though seemed to point out that video had limited dynamic in high dynamic scenes, and there was a slight loss of detail in low light conditions. The tests even showed visible judder when panning the camera during video recording sessions.

Source: DxOMark