HTC U11 Delivers Strong Sales, Outsells HTC One M10 and One M9

HTC U11 Delivers Strong Sales, Outsells HTC One M10 and One M9

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In a perhaps-surprising revelation, HTC has announced that its latest flagship, the squeezable HTC U11, has delivered strong sales since its launch in late May this year. The device has reportedly outsold its preceding flagships, the HTC One M10 and M9, according to Mr. Chang Chia-lin, President of HTC’s smartphone and connected device division.

According to HTC, the HTC U11 opened up to good reviews and has gone on to deliver strong sales since its launch. The sales have been convincing enough for HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang to comment that her company’s future is promising. The shortfall in global demand for the new model will be filled probably only in early July.

Cher assured shareholders that HTC will produce satisfactory financial results by next year, despite posting a net loss of about $349 Million in 2016. This is because HTC foresaw an excellent opportunity in Virtual Reality, one that it could exploit in time. HTC’s investment in VR technology is paying off, as the percentage of revenue generated by HTC from VR products was the highest in the world. The HTC Vive is often regarded as the best product in the global VR market, and Cher is confident that it will continue to remain the best.

To safeguard its future profits, HTC will be undertaking steps to ensure smooth transitioning from 4G to 5G mobile connectivity, a transition that will stretch companies as growth in sales will not necessarily correlate with increase in profits. For the future, HTC is hoping to minimize its operating costs and reduce the number of new smartphone models launched per year to three or four. HTC will also refocus its Research and Development work in preparation for the launch of 5G services in 2020.

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Source: Focus Taiwan