HTC Posts HTC U11+ Kernel Source, CleanSlate Kernel now Available

HTC Posts HTC U11+ Kernel Source, CleanSlate Kernel now Available

HTC is one of the most reliable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) when it comes to releasing timely kernel sources, and that’s important — the sources are required for nearly everything Android development-related. Without kernel sources, custom kernels, custom recoveries, and custom ROMs aren’t really possible. And despite the fact that failing to supply them breaks the GPL — an enforceable contract, according to the US government — lots of companies don’t release them on time.

HTC bucks the trend. On Thursday, the smartphone maker published the kernel sources for the HTC U11+, and developers wasted no time getting to work.

CleanSlate, a popular kernel developed by XDA Recognised Developer tbalden that’s available for a number HTC devices, was released for the HTC U11+ this week, promising improved stability and additional features. These features include KCal color controls, NTFS read/write, hacked texfat loading so ROMs can use the phone’s SD card storage, and an entirely systemless implementation, which means it won’t trip SafetyNet. It’s a rather simplistic kernel, but that’s the aim of it — it doesn’t claim to save battery or enhance performance, for example.

Another CleanSlate feature is WireGuard VPN support. For those not familiar with WireGuard, it’s a VPN protocol that’s implemented in the actual Linux kernel. Coming in at just under 4000 lines, it’s easy to audit, which makes it appealing to kernel devs.

Hopefully, the release of CleanSlate marks the beginning of the HTC U11+’s golden age. It’s a great device — one that could potentially be made even better with the help of the absolutely amazing developer community here at XDA.

If you’re interested in getting the kernel sources yourself, you can check them out at the source link.

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