‘Leaked’ HTC Promotional Video Shows Smartphone Concept, Possible New Product

‘Leaked’ HTC Promotional Video Shows Smartphone Concept, Possible New Product

We’re waiting to hear some gossip on the upcoming HTC flagship, but there’s little going around on that phone yet (quite surprisingly, given previous HTC phones have been leaked to hell and back). What we have today is some tidbit on a phone that could be an HTC flagship, and that certainly looks interesting.

Leaker @evleaks brought to light an interesting video, which in traditional marketing fashion argues that people are different, but that our smartphones are not. The video mentions that smartphone makers make powerful phones, but these fail to connect to each of our unique and expressive personalities. What follows is the tried-and-true sales pitch in which the company tries to sell you on their product personalization. Looking past the advertisement, we find a curious little datum:

Once you get past the CMF Kitchen promo, you see a new HTC phone at the very end. Here’s an image if you didn’t quite catch it.


The phone seen in the video bears the HTC Vive branding, and what appears to be a dual camera setup, which would certainly be something we could expect from HTC.

Evan Blass also shared another video of a phone referred to as ‘HTC Ocean’, which he clarifies is different from an upcoming HTC Ocean Note. The video showcases a different approach to UI navigation, making better use of the side frame for app launching and other tasks.

There is not a whole of info beyond these images and content-restrictive videos, but it does give us a clue on what to expect in 2017 from HTC. For one, HTC could be looking to leverage the name and brand identity of its Vive VR headset onto its smartphone lineup. This may involve releasing an HTC Vive smartphone.

However, as a reminder, this is still a leak, and as such, it should be taken with adequate doses of skepticism. Interestingly, Android Authority figured out that the videos posted by Evan are not new as they have been available for view publicly for a while now. Evan ‘evleaks’ Blass’s track record is impressive when it comes to leaking unreleased tidbits about smartphones, but we can’t help but remain skeptical on this one — the video is interesting either way, but we rather wait for more details and clarification before we start putting this puzzle together.

What are your thoughts on the ‘leaked’ smartphone concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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