HTC will Handle the After Sales Service of the Pixel in India

HTC will Handle the After Sales Service of the Pixel in India

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As we get closer to when the Pixel and Pixel XL goes on sale, we’re seeing more evidence that shows Google is taking its hardware serious this year. The company is emphasising its Built by Google and Phone by Google taglines in its ad campaigns, and we’re seeing them go the extra mile in a number of areas too. It’s been reported that Google spent $3.2 million dollars to advertise the Pixel and Pixel XL during the first two days after it was unveiled.

Ad executives say they are expecting Google to invest “hundreds of millions more,” but Google has yet to confirm that. Although, Google’s Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz did tell Reuters that the company planned to invest in a “very significant marketing campaign.” This, on top of the marketing that Verizon Wireless will do for the device gives the Pixel and Pixel XL a good chance to compete with the other flagships on the market today.

Google knows they have to take this further though and that’s exactly what they will be doing in India. The Economic Times is reporting that Google is relying on HTC for the after sales service of the Pixel and Pixel XL within the country of India. This gives customers in the country 56 different walk-in service centers in over 30 cities that they will be able to bring their device to in case anything happens.

On top of that, the same report talks about how the Pixel and Pixel XL will be sold in over 1,000 different retail outlets through India. We aren’t told all the stores that the phones will be available at, but we do know that it will be sold in “seven large format store chains” including Vijay Sales, Croma, Reliance Digital, Jumbo, Spice Mobility, Poorvika and Sangeetha Mobiles across the country.

Source: The Economic Times