HTC Working on Sense for WP7

HTC Working on Sense for WP7

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Thanks to a tip from XDA moderator zelendel and after a little bit of searching, we learned that HTC is working on a version of their famous Sense UI for WP7. If you were thinking about not making the switch to Microsoft’s new OS for mobile devices, you may want to reconsider it once you see what HTC has in stock. At this point, there is only speculation on the real thing, but there is a timeline for release in October, so we should be able to get our hands on something very soon.

There already is some discussion going on in a thread started by XDA member Bengal34, who found the original article in Forbes. There, you can see some ideas, discussions, and even a mock up of WP7 running some version of Sense with WP7 style pannels.

Microsoft’s February announcement that it would exert more control over the phones that use its upcoming mobile software, Windows Phone 7, would seem to be a challenge for HTC. After all, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker has made a name out of layering inventive software on top of other companies’ mobile platforms.

But HTC says its custom software, which it calls “Sense”, will live on, even on Windows phones. Drew Bamford, who heads HTC’s user experience design team, tells Forbes the manufacturer is applying Sense to its first Windows Phone 7 devices, which are expected to launch in October.

You can find more information in the discussion thread.