HTC’s June 2017 Revenues Rise on Account of Strong Sales of the HTC U11

HTC’s June 2017 Revenues Rise on Account of Strong Sales of the HTC U11

HTC’s fortunes may be turning around once again, as it has posted an increase in revenue thanks to brisk sales of the HTC U11 smartphone. Many did not expect the phone to be as decisive in HTC’s account books as it currently is, so HTC’s improving financials are surprising.

The HTC U11 helped increase HTC’s revenue in June 2017, bringing it at the highest level for this year. HTC posted NT$6.89 Billion (~$225.2 Million) in revenue, representing an increase of 8.38% from the previous month and 52.1% from last year. This is impressive considering the existence of competition in the form of the visually-appealing Samsung Galaxy S8 and the unique LG G6 as well.

Revenues for the first half of 2017 fell down to NT$30.67 Billion (~$1,002.3 Billion), decreasing 8.4% from last year.

HTC is expecting sales of the HTC U11 to continue gaining momentum in July as well. The company has increased the inventory levels in its distribution channels to meet the seasonal demand. HTC will also begin marketing the U11 in more overseas markets, which will be significant for its revenue streams as it will tap into new market for this particular device. The HTC U11 has outsold the One M10 and One M9 for the same initial periods, so the device is performing better than its predecessors.

The report from Digitimes also added a rumored tidbit for the next Pixel, saying that HTC is expected to begin shipping the second-gen Pixel to Google in Q4 2017. This will help maintain the strong revenue stream from the smartphone segment. HTC is also expected to launch its first mobile VR headset in Q4 2017 and further expand its VR portfolios. But seeing how invested HTC would be with its VR prospects and how much it would need to spend on its marketing, HTC’s profits may not remain as strong as its revenues.

Even for these reports, do note that the mentioned revenue is before the expenses of the company are taken into account. The actual net profit will be obtained only after considering all expenses related to manufacturing, R&D and marketing and advertising, so HTC may not be completely out of the red just yet.

What are your thoughts on HTC’s rise in revenue? Is the HTC U11 enough to turn HTC’s fortunes all the way around? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Digitimes

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