HTC’s Legendary HD2 Receives Android 6.0 Port

HTC’s Legendary HD2 Receives Android 6.0 Port

It has been a long time, and the device that refuses to die seems to keep on chugging along. The mythical HTC HD2 has been blessed with yet another opportunity to live a little longer thanks to the efforts of XDA Senior Member macs18max.

For those of you lucky enough to still own one of these beauties, you now have a chance to play around with Android’s latest incarnation of its operating system: Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow.

The port in itself is based on CM13 and just like its predecessors, it is riddled with bugs and non-working features. Among the things that do work out of the box, you can find that your screen, wifi, and audio are working just fine. Everything else… not so much (at least not yet). As far as installation is concerned, you have to have MAGLDR installed to be able to flash this port. Other than that, it is a straight forward flash via NativeSD Recovery. One thing worth noting is that you have to be mindful of the file system used to format your SD card (as you will have to create 2 partitions on it). As per the OP’s instructions:


You can use ext4 or f2fs. But you should make sure that both partitions are of the same format.
Which mean if sdext is ext4 then sd-ext2 also should be ext4. —OR— if sdext is f2fs then sd-ext2 also should be f2fs.

The HTC HD2 is living proof that the site’s cornerstone is still there. Moreover, it also proves that HTC, despite its most recent failures, did make some of the most amazing hardware the mobile world has ever seen, and despite them not admitting to it, they made it to last (unlike all the currently disposable tech that companies are churning out every day).

You can find more information and more specific instructions on how to install it in the original thread.

Do you still own an HD2 or another device that has outlived its reasonable life-span thanks to the efforts of our developers? Please share your stories below!

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