HTC’s New Ad Campaign And What It Really Means

HTC’s New Ad Campaign And What It Really Means

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HTC has just released three new blind test adverts comparing app loading speed, audio and selfies. Whilst you are surely astounded that HTC won every time, the tests were incredibly biased and their release shows something concerning about the company and how they are performing in the current market.



One of the many reasons companies tend to utilize blind trials is when they feel that their product is comparable or better than its competitors. This leads to the assumption that the reason sales are down is a lack of knowledge of their product and/or misconceptions. These blind trials are then shown with the hopes that potential consumers will decide to interact with the product next time they are in the market for a phone. The 3 blind trials focussed on the front camera’s performance in low light conditions, the sound quality and finally the speed when switching apps. In this case, it is claimed that the trial includes three leading smartphones. We know that in the speed test the m9 was pitted against an S6. The ‘Selfie’ and the audio test were against the iPhone 6. The tests were not accurate with each having bias and not being representative of real world scenarios, however it was clear that these were targeted at a non power user audience.



Unfortunately the need for this kind of advertising says a lot about the brand. What started as the market leader in Android has since fallen on hard times, which was not helped by issues with the Snapdragon 810. Criticism about the the design were also widespread leaving the company struggling to keep up in a the fast paced market. As can be seen below, HTC stocks have fallen to an all time low showing a desperate need to make a turn around if they hope to stay afloat.


HTC stock

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