Huawei Allegedly Declined to Manufacture the 2016 Pixel Phones

Huawei Allegedly Declined to Manufacture the 2016 Pixel Phones

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Huawei has been trying to break into the United States smartphone market for a little while now and a new rumor claims this was planned to go big this year. We’ve seen the Chinese smartphone maker (well, its company Honor) have moderate success with the Honor 5X, but it seems Huawei wanted more. Android Police cities a “source familiar with Huawei’s operations,” and talks about how they have been wanting to have their smartphones on shelves of the major United States wireless carriers.

In particular, they’ve been wanting to make their smartphones available at Verizon Wireless. This source talks about how Huawei was in talks with Google get the Nexus 6P at all four of the major United States wireless carriers and that each of them would put money toward a multi-hundred-million dollar ad campaign for the device. However, something went wrong and they simply were not able to come to an agreement in the end.

Despite that, this source says Google was in talks with Huawei again to manufacture the Google Pixel and Pixel XL this year. The deal would have allowed Huawei to manufacture three devices for Google, but again the deal fell through. It’s being said that Huawei was interested in the deal until Google required that the Pixel smartphones have the Google brand, and that Huawei was not allowed to have theirs on the devices.

Huawei was not happy with this stipulation and Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu, ceased all negotiations right on the spot. The rumor says this forced Google to go with plan B, HTC, even though Huawei and Google are still happy to work with each other. There have been rumors that Huawei will be producing a Nexus tablet for the internet search giant, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything happens with that.

It’s still interesting to think that if Huawei had signed on with the deal, then they would have had their first smartphone on Verizon Wireless shelves with the Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Even if that meant the Huawei brand wouldn’t be on them.

Source: Android Police