Huawei Announces the Band 2 and Band 2 Pro

Huawei Announces the Band 2 and Band 2 Pro

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The wearable market has had its ups and downs over the last few years. Fitbit started out making huge profits as they focused on the fitness demographic but even their financial reports have started to slow down as of late. Google jumped in with Android Wear as their solution for a more robust wearable device in hopes that it would replace traditional watches. This sparked a lot of interest within the Android community for the first couple of years, but even it has subsided as of late.

Motorola doesn’t feel they need to release a new model ever year and then we have Huawei who have put a lot of focus on their own lighter wearables. The original Huawei Band turned heads with its low price point and promise of 3-day battery life. Something that most Android Wear devices struggle to do without light use and many battery saving tweaks to the software. The company just announced the successor of the Huawei Band with a new, redesigned look.

The original Huawei Band had the design of a typical smartwatch with a round display, but the Huawei Band 2 and Huawei Band 2 Pro are opting for something more akin to the Gear Fit from Samsung. The focus here is a simple, thin design with a longer, stretched out display. The company says their two new wearables can record heartbeat, pace, distance, speed, and even direction. Another big feature here is its VO2 Max measuring where it attempts to see how fast your body can import oxygen.

As mentioned, there are two variants to the Huawei Band 2 with the standard and then the Pro model. Huawei says the Huawei Band 2 Pro has the company’s TruSleep virtual sleep and breathing tracker, an integrated GPS sensor, and Huawei’s Running Coach software. Both devices have a Training Effect feature to see how an exercise session impacts your fitness level. It can then use this data to estimate the recovery time needed before your training activity.

Nether version has a release date set right now, and the company has yet to reveal pricing for these two wearables.

Source: Huawei