Huawei Announces the Mate 8 for New Markets at CES Las Vegas

Huawei Announces the Mate 8 for New Markets at CES Las Vegas

Huawei has just announced the addition of the ‘Mate 8’ flagship smartphone line to their Mate line-up. While it was announced and released in 2015, this flagship is ready to take the world by storm by going global. Here are the specs at a glance:

Display6″ IPS-NEO LCD @ 1080p, 368ppi
ProcessorHiSilicon Kirin 950
Battery4000 mAh
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 + EMUI 4.0
Memory3GB/4GB RAM
Storage32GB/64GB ROM, micro-SD expandable
Camera16 MP, f/2.0, OIS, 1/2.8″ sensor size, [email protected], [email protected]
Dimensions157.1 x 80.6 x 7.9 mm

Huawei Breaks Free of Qualcomm

Screenshot 2016-01-05 01.15.33
Powered by an octa-core Kirin 950 with 4 cores clocked at 2.3GHz and 4 additional cores at 1.8GHz with an i5 co-processor, Huawei claims that CPU performance has improved by 100% over the Mate 7. The Huawei Mate 8 claims the title of the first commercial device sporting a chipset manufactured on a 16nm FinFET Plus process. And thanks to a Mali-T880 GPU, Huawei touts a GPU performance improvement of about 120%. Each of these design improvements has resulted in an overall power efficiency improvement by 70%.

With a 6″ display and a Full HD (1080p) resolution display, the company states that the device has 95% color accuracy.

Featuring an IPS-NEO LCD capacitive touchscreen at a 1080p resolution, it might seem odd that Huawei decided to skip using a QHD panel on their latest flagship line. However, when you consider the potential battery life improvements, you have to give credit where its due: Huawei truly does want its flagship line to stand above in its own “Mate-gory”

It's in its own Mate-gory....get it?

It’s in its own Mate-gory….get it?

Massive Battery Leads to Great Battery Life

Heat dissipation is a major design concern for every manufacturer. Smartphone SoCs are beasts that can churn out some real power, but in order to make it so your hands don’t get burnt when you’re playing a game of Hearthstone, the phone needs to be designed in such a way that the heat can gracefully escape the phone. To that end, Huawei has equipped their Mate 8 with the same high thermal conductivity material used in automobiles – DX19.Screenshot 2016-01-05 01.14.46

Rather than relying merely on software improvements to maximize your battery life, Huawei has decided to take advantage of the massive size of the phone to pack in a whopping 4000 mAh battery. With this design and battery capacity, Huawei promises 2 days of continuous battery life, a major step above the rest of the pack as well as a massive improvement over its previous Mate 7 flagship phone. Huawei touts some impressive battery life stats for the Mate 8, stating that it can handle 17 hours of HD video. If the massive battery isn’t enough for you, the company has included a form of quick charging to quickly top up your phone if you’re on the go.

Fingerprint Scanner, Now Faster and More Secure


The phone also includes an improved fingerprint scanner with additional security features. The new scanner unlocks at a much faster speed (100% improvement over the Mate 7), and comes with new software capabilities that allow you to hide your private photos/videos/documents behind a fingerprint lock. You can also stop prying eyes from opening your apps with the fingerprint lock, too. And with a new secure keyboard app, full disk encryption (mandatory with devices launching on 6.0 Marshmallow), you can be assured that your device will remain secure.

Software Improvements Galore

Huawei is taking gestures to a whole new level with the addition of various “Knuckle gestures.” As shown below, you can use your knuckle to capture a photo whenever your hands are tied up (not literally, of course). The captured image can then be easily traced over and shared over any app that accepts the standard image share intent. If you capture a video on a Mate 8, you can also crop them by knocking with two knuckles on the screen.Screenshot 2016-01-05 01.18.30

If you would rather not use your hands in any way whatsoever, then you’ll be happy to learn that Huawei has included an enhanced version of its Handsfree software. Dubbed Handsfree 3.0, it allows you to use your phone from 3 meters away thanks to an impressive new microphone setup that allows for audio to be discerned in multiple directions. 3 meters is an impressive distance to to speak out to your phone and not have your messages garbled up by noise, so you won’t have to embarrass yourself by shouting in the general direction of your phone any longer. In addition, applications can use the new 3-microphone setup for omni-directional recordings, useful if you’re a student in a lecture hall looking to cut out the chatting of the students sitting behind you.


Mate 8’s new document readjustment feature automatically crops and rotates images taken via the document scanner app included with the phone, much like Microsoft’s Office Lens on the Play Store.

Want to take a screenshot of a long webpage or a big text message conversation? Huawei includes a long page screen capture system by default in the Mate 8.



The phone supports dual-4G SIM cards and also supports the most bands of any dual-SIM phone on the market, according to Huawei. For users who travel, Huawei offers a Roaming+ Experience feature which speeds up the network search and automatically adds your home country code so you can easily call your home country without having to look up the international code.

Camera Enhancements

Screenshot 2016-01-05 01.16.16The rear camera comes with “innovative OIS technology” and a sensor from Sony (14MP). It also comes with a new feature called IMAGESmart 4.0, which automatically enhances your photos. The Mate 8 enhances clarity in low-light conditions, reduces noise, and focuses almost instantaneously.

Launch Details

The device comes in a new color called ‘Mocha Brown’ that Huawei states is unavailable on any other smartphone. They believe they are standing out from the rest of the pack with these color options.

The Huawei Mate 8 will launch in a large number of countries, at 599 euros for the 3GB RAM + 32GB storage model and 699 euros for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage model.


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